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Oz 2013年11月22日下午6:34
Bug when I try to log in
someone noticed this screen?

My game begin normaly, but when I try to conect a server to play, the game show me this msg.
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Oz 2013年11月22日下午6:36 
before u tell the obviously, the laucher dont try patch cause I do the patch 5min. after they release, so I dunno what happens.. I login play for 10 min. and now I canot play anymore
DIVERSIS 2013年11月22日下午6:40 
i have the same problem
Aragan500 2013年11月23日上午6:30 
you must enter the game chache and verfy . If this isnt working reinstall the game
Oz 2013年11月23日下午1:44 
I reinstall 2 times, not working.... T.T
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