Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Half-Fast Dec 18, 2013 @ 4:38pm
California Patch (and more)...
Server Downtime: 3:00 PM Estimated downtime: 3 hours

California Stress Test: We are asking that you join us in our stress test for California.

How it will work: We will need as many people as possible to join the first PTE California server in the server listing. Our goal is to fill it to capacity and we ask that users just do what they would normally do, aside from killing zombies. Drive cars, trade, shoot, jump, whatever your little heart desires. Just get in and play!!!!

Come join the discussion and live stress test on and stay tuned in for Strongholds with ArtemisKnives as well!

So many great things have been happening to the zombie filled lands of Infestation. Within the last month you have been introduced to content left and right!

This patch is no different! We are opening up our test servers for California and for Strongholds. These two features are in their respective testing phases so please make note of any and all issues associated with each one and report them in the appropriate topic in the Bugs section.

Stronghold Issues:

California Map Issues:

Super Zombie Issues:

Players will spawn with just a backpack and empty inventory. No items can be brought in or of Stronghold Maps.
There will be absolutely NO GI Access.
Water, food and standard harvesting tools will be spawning during the Stronghold testing phase.
2x market place vendors located on the map at the tunnel and at the end of the road outside town for player convenience.
In game we will spawn pickaxes that, when equipped, will highlight objects that can be mined. Left clicking next to such object will mine it for resources. Those resources can be used to craft new stronghold items (walls, lights etc)
California Pre-Alpha Stress PTE
We are allowing GI Access
We are allowing players to bring items to the map and take items off the map.
There is a building located at the edge of the military airport which will be considered to be a safe zone. An NPC will be located in the middle hangar and provide GI access.
We have littered the map with vehicles to move about the city a little faster. That is of course, if another survivor doesn't jack you for your ride!
Food and water will be spawning throughout the city.
There will not be any zombies on the map.
Zombies\AI: Colorado V2 PTE Server ONLY
Super Zombies: These monstrosities are said to inhabit the Ridgeway Airport. Locals always knew there was something odd about those crates that were being delivered to the military base! Who will be one of the firsts to take one out?
Updated Missions: New available missions - All in progress or unfinished missions will be removed.
Vehicle modifications - skidding sounds.
Removed ability to damage player in safe zone
Fixed Vehicles running into Barricades causing client crash
Added new vehicle UI to the in-game HUD
Fixed some disconnect issues.
Improved running over zombies/players.
Added damage to vehicles from grenades.
Right Click on the mouse enables Rear View Camera
Striker HP now 6000 down from 10000
Truck HP now 2000 down from 4000
Buggy HP now 1800 down from 3500
Fixes added for possible desynchronization of active physics when another player enters a vehicle and takes control while its still rolling.
Added graphical option to disable shadows when using custom settings.
V2 lighting has been changed. There is a broader spectrum of color on V2 compared to it's original screenshots and the night has gotten a bit darker as well.
Adding lights to Christmas tree in Boulder City
Misc. Fixes
Fixed audio issue with vehicle sounds
Fixed trade issues when entering a vehicle
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The doctor is in Dec 18, 2013 @ 4:47pm 
sweet thanks you beat me :)

download update as i post

man that is big update for them almost 1gb...

still california dreaming...

lol sergey is such a chess player...
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Sulla Pazzi Dec 18, 2013 @ 5:13pm 
how much longer left i live in toronto canada
The doctor is in Dec 18, 2013 @ 5:20pm 
on twitch steam ak said servers are almost done...

update is available and will download and install

just the servers not there

so hand in there... it should be fun...

here watch ak live...
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