ryansanzone May 13, 2014 @ 12:27am
a set of rules that works for me sorta a guide
1# stay away from areas past campos for they are pvp sites past there sure u can get better loot faster but is it really worth dieing really fast ur choice 2#note how many players are in the server and listen in on the chat to know where everyone is if there is no chat alive make a 50 50guess mostly 85.9percent of the time people will be in areas past campos or clearville or the airport or even nomad 3#note where valuable loot spawns often in ur fav place to loot for whatever reason quick escape or faster loot etc etc(personally mine is boulder barely anyone goes there if ur smart enough and quick u can hide and loot the place for hrs and get awesome loot from places like campos big win win right lol)4#if u have a friend playing with u have either urself or him on watch never helps to get shot or clubbed from behind lol if u go solo just make it quick and move on 5#never use the roads too open people can see u like instanstly(true story i was moving to boulder through the forest by whitemoutain sniper camping ontop of the roof of the apt building went to boulder and back never saw me XD)and thats that 5set of rules that will keep u alive works mainly if ur solo or with 2or 3people it has for me and i have played this for nearly 2yrs since release and mostly done everything solooooooooooooooo i hope this helps should it help i will make enhanced rules that should help even more THIS GUIDE ONLY HELPS U IF U WISH TO PLAY MOSTLY PVE SO BANDIT PEOPLE dont try and use it :) that would be very naughty ;)
Date Posted: May 13, 2014 @ 12:27am
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