S.P.Q.R. Mar 27 @ 4:15am
Need help and advice
So i bought the game like a year ago - and i liked it
the only problem is that the game is ...too hard for me...
i played alot of dayz and never had any problems but this game...
im not able to get any weapon - all the buildings are swarmed by zombies even crawling doesnt work and they always kill me. if they are chasing me and im tire - they are too fast and i die... since one year i just got only ONCE a gun... can somebody link me a good guide to show how to avoid the zombies - how to start the game how to loot? many tutorials on youtube are showing health system and other stuff that i dont need - i just want some advice of how to get loot how to start how to avoid the zombies where to get a weapon how to fight them and things like that cuz this game ofr mment is just TOO HARD for me which results unplayable becauuse im dying just after the spawn becasue i have nothign to fight and i have no bloody idea where to get weapons if evwrything is swarmed by zombies - ok i can get melee weapons but i suck at melee on this game so i thought about the guns can help me - but as i said - im not able to get any - im not able to enter any building without alerting the zombies - can you give me some links for guides showing how to start and deal with the zombies ? or explain me? as i said i never had problems with that on dayz mod on dayz standalone on nether or any other survival game ... but here... its just impossible for me . thx
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nice_mystery Mar 27 @ 1:16pm 
stick with the melee, aim for the head, where you approach the zombies determins which one comes at you, attack only one at a time. do not run, running draws them to you. Guns only makes it worse if you can't even melee. Guns draws them to you because of noise, one shot at the head will kill with a gun, but if you can't melee, how are you going to straight. I can play with you if you want, friend me. I'm not much of a pvp player, just like pve, but can pvp.
The doctor is in Mar 27 @ 1:43pm 
yueah get katana/hatchet easy to find and soup lure em out one at a time 2 hits to head
S.P.Q.R. Mar 27 @ 2:29pm 
so no point of trying to sneak inside ? its better to kill them all one by one ?
Dro Mar 27 @ 2:32pm 
The hammer was my best friend, when the game worked. Headshots only :)
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