Deagle_Angel Feb 20 @ 6:02am
Anyone need some stuff? Add me so we can play together
I'm looking for some people who might be down on their luck or just need some stuff. Il help you out and you can even join my private server for some more looting. Just add me on steam and lets start playing.
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Vengeance Feb 20 @ 6:08am 
I don't really need stuff but if you're inviting players to your private server I'd like to join and play, always fun meeting new ppl and play together.
Deagle_Angel Feb 20 @ 6:13am 
sure. add me
paganSVK Feb 20 @ 6:22am 
play on premium servers. are almost empty and if u meet player they not shoot !
OR play at night ! iam grab awesome loot
Hades152 Feb 20 @ 9:03am 
Deagle_angel i want to play on your server can i add you ? And i have a friend can we both play on your server , we are friendly to everyone
Deagle_Angel Feb 20 @ 9:32am 
Anyone can add me and we will discuss and see if i decide to let you int omy server. I wont ask for weapons money of anything. I just wanna see if you are friendly
=[TSP]= Sniper Wolf Feb 20 @ 9:39am 
i just added you Angel id love to be able to play ona private server and no have to worry about getting shot when im taking my loot back to SZ or even when im looting im so tired of it D:
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*|ČĶ|* Young Bucc Feb 20 @ 11:12am 
if your server is still up im friendly and like to loot also looking for a pvp partner if you interested
Deagle_Angel Feb 20 @ 11:14am 
My server will be up for about 5 and a half days. And as i said feel free to add me
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