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Announcement: Regarding Cheats And Exploitation


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As you know, leveraging unintended gameplay or external software to gain an advantage over other players creates an unbalanced, unfair and ultimately degenerate play environment. Thus, such behavior is prohibited and accounts found participating in it may be suspended or permanently closed. We are enhancing our detection methods and strongly advise our customers to cease and continue avoiding such behavior to remain active members of the Infestation community.

Take heed of these warnings, Survivors. We have enough troubles with the non-living around these parts; we don't want to add to the graveyard! Thanks for your continuing support as we work to uphold fair play. ~

Please make sure you understand the agreed upon Terms of Service @

If you have any questions about the use of exploits\cheats refer to:
Terms of Service: Section 2. Additional License Limitations - Articles A and C.

Infestation Team


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Thank you for your cooperation.
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