Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

! Announcement: Fuel Up And Roll Out! (Vehicles Release)


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Attention Survivors!!

The wait is over!!! Vehicles are going live with this latest patch being released today. All Colorado servers will be granted the gift of mobility and yes, even your private servers will get the opportunity to cruise the deadlands in style.

Vehicle Basics

To enter a vehicle stand on the driver side while looking at the vehicle and hold E.
To exit a vehicle simply press E at anytime.
Vehicles have passenger slots which can be accessed by standing on the passenger side of the vehicle and holding E. (If you are having trouble entering use third person view)
Weapons cannot be used while riding in vehicles no matter what position you are in.
There are no options to quick switch seating positions. Whoever gets in first is the driver.
Once in the vehicle you can drive by pressing the arrow keys or rebinding the drive keys in the options menu.
There are 3 types of vehicles:
Armored Buggy - 1 Driver 1 Passengers (light weight and fast speed)
Striker - 1 Driver 8 passengers (heavy weight & slow speed)
Zombie Killer - 1 Driver 1 Passenger (medium weight and speed)

Vehicle Functionality:

Vehicles cannot destroy city\map objects so use caution when you attempt to maneuver around town with lots of curbs and objects to snag on. You have been warned!
Vehicles will not take damage on flat, smooth surfaces or leisurely driving off-road but if you here a loud crash / clunk sound after entering rough terrain, it is a clear sign that you have damaged your vehicle.
Vehicles instantly eject the driver and catch fire before exploding if they are driven into a large body of water.
Vehicles between 81-100% durability are considered "armored" and players riding in the vehicle cannot be damaged by bullets when the car is in this durability range. Once this range has fallen below 81%, players inside the vehicle will begin take damage from bullets and hard landings\crashes.
Vehicles will begin smoking and eventually catch fire if they fall under 30% durability.

Smoke will start at 30% (vehicle will start taking damage if NO players are in the vehicle)
Small Flames at 20% (vehicle will start taking damage even if players are in the vehicle)
Big Flames at 10% (vehicle will start taking a lot of damage)
At zero, the vehicle will explode killing everyone inside.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicles have 5 bars that symbolize the vehicle durability. Keep Repair Kits handy in case of maintenance needs while travelling.
Refueling - In order to refuel, you will need to grab a gas can and stand outside of the vehicle. Once you have your fuel, open up the inventory and right click the Gas can. Click on refuel vehicle and you are back in action. Using a gas can will fill up your tank no matter what vehicle it is being refueled.
Repairing - A car can only takes so much before it requires attention. Once your vehicle has been damaged, you will have to fix it. Grab a Repair Kit while outside of the vehicle. Open inventory and right click Repair Kit and select the Repair Vehicle option to fix your ride and get back to smashing zombies and survivors of all types!



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