ShadY- Feb 11 @ 7:12am
Looking for a free pve Infestation server.
I've been playing this game for few weeks already but im not a hardcore active member cuz im busy irl, im mostly playing with my roommate to have some fun... I would like to ask if someone have a pve server for some loot and fun even together, and could share it with me and my friend...

I havnt made any hard loot lately so i dont have anythin to pay for... I'd be glad if someone could drop me a message if You got that kind of a server.

Thanks, Yours shady.
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ShadY- Feb 17 @ 7:01am 
Any1? :/
paganSVK Feb 17 @ 8:35am 
iam loooking too. public players are idiots , because aim start new game and after 15 min playing i was killed ( i no had any loot only camo helm ) .. + wait another 20 min to revive character.. sorry guys.. we want a PVE servers
ShadY- Feb 17 @ 9:44am 
Yup.. 100% right... So if someone could give me a try on his server. Please msg me :) and a guy above :D
magenladnier Feb 18 @ 12:15am 
are you guys friendly? Also are you guys looters, like don't share and take take take?
ShadY- Feb 18 @ 6:16am 
I dno paganSVK but i am friendly and i would like to exp and loot for now... same my rl. we pvp for fun on trial or thinking about pvp on global with our noob chars... but we dont use our mains to do that... What about share and take take take, i dno what actually do You mean... But i bet both of us can play solo, without disturbing any1 on the server we can also play in team (its funny also ^^) and than we're not a kind of thieffs... if u wanna that gun take it, if i need sth maybe You'll allow me to take it. Its only a game im not a type of thieff.. The fun counts not being a d*ck. :)
ACDC1896 Feb 18 @ 11:03am 
Im looking for pve server but the most guys are kills u so if someone find one we can play :D just message me :D
Novingar Mar 23 @ 5:07am 
mesage me to please
™ÉlsterglanŽ Mar 23 @ 5:15am 
i am sick to play on Public or some other free "pve" servers..same problem like some others here..start to play (on pve server) after gettin some gear get killed by some idiots..every day..this suxx a lot..i just want to play pve..nothin else!!pls if someone have a good pve server (ONLY PVE) msg me..i want to play this good Game..
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