ZeFrenchKiller 1月22日上午6:23
Trading all my stuff which is a lotttt looking for scars stanagsk styles mtv and meds
im selling all my guns all my ammo everything i want scars and stanags 30 and proteection andmeds invite me for more info
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EZ XP 1月22日上午7:54 
i have 150 scars if your interested
ZeFrenchKiller 1月22日上午8:07 
yeh im interested
wkreichl 1月22日下午2:36 
ToXiCxDeadPool 1月22日下午3:30 
what do you want for a katana that still has 100% durability or around that at least?
ToXiCxDeadPool 1月22日下午3:35 
if you have one
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