[OP]Dannibal Aug 17 @ 12:17pm
Crashing whenever trying to join a server
Each time I try to join a server, everything starts loading and is looking fine, but then on 100% I crash. I can join stronghold servers without problems, but nothing much to do there it seems...
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The doctor is in Aug 17 @ 3:21pm 
verify game cache

post details about your hardware (cpu, gpu, memory) and os (windows version n if 32/64 bits)

make sure windows, drivers, c/c++ runtime, .net runtime, directx runtime, etc are all updated

good place to start is by checking for errors in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\The War Z\r3dlog.txt

[OP]Dannibal Aug 18 @ 4:20am 
Thanks. The errors I can find in that txt log (quite a bunch, so what to do?)

000000.493| r3dFile: can't open local.ini
000000.493| Can't open file "local.ini"

000009.602| Could not initialize NVApi.

000015.184| r3dFile: can't open data/fonts/verdana_8_0.tga

000023.814| r3dFile: can't open Data//MeshProperties.xml
000023.814| r3dFile: can't open Levels\WZ_FrontEndLighting/wind.cfg

000023.893| r3dFile: can't open data/shaders/texture/cclut3d/cameradrone.dds

000030.778| r3dFile: can't open Levels\WZ_FrontEndLighting\collections\elements.bin
000030.778| COLLECTIONS: Could not open 'Levels\WZ_FrontEndLighting\collections\elements.bin'

000064.805| r3dFile: can't open levels/colorado_v2/loadingscreen0.dds

000065.125| r3dFile: can't open Data//MeshProperties.xml

000065.315| r3dFile: can't open Levels\Colorado_V2/wind.cfg

000065.408| r3dFile: can't open data/shaders/texture/cclut3d/cameradrone.dds

000067.640| r3dFile: can't open data/objectsdepot/_roads/textures/roadasphalt01_s.dds

and then a lot of these

000158.543| Unloading sky texture: Data/SkyDome/wz_night_02c.dds
000164.221| r3dTerrain3::UpdateTileInAtlas_G: couldn't find mega tex tile for tile (1606,486,0)

000164.715| !!! ERROR: out_data must be initialized before
i am number 11 Aug 18 @ 4:28am 
just verify game cache !!!!!!!!!!!!!! that fix everything.
[OP]Dannibal Aug 18 @ 4:32am 
How do I do that?
[OP]Dannibal Aug 18 @ 4:39am 
So I right click appmanifest_226700, then I choose what? I don't see anything like verify... Sorry I feel noobish...
[OP]Dannibal Aug 18 @ 4:48am 
Mmm found it... I was looking on my PC instead of here in Steam :) 3 files failed to verify so they started re-downloading. Guess I verify again after that before trying to play again.
Kv@keR Aug 18 @ 4:48am 
in steam library click on game right click
properties,local files,verify game cache

or it maybe video driver problems
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[OP]Dannibal Aug 18 @ 4:48am 
Thanks for all the help and patience so far!
[OP]Dannibal Aug 18 @ 4:52am 
Wish me luck, here I go...
[OP]Dannibal Aug 18 @ 5:04am 
I got on a server now, but when I tried to run faster my screen got black and I crashed again...
Kv@keR Aug 18 @ 5:14am 
Originally posted by OPDannibal:
Thanks for all the help and patience so far!
if what add me il try help
[OP]Dannibal Aug 18 @ 5:24am 
Crashed again after a few seconds...

For some games, changing resolution or switching from full screen to windowed screen helps, is that the case here too?

Requirements seem pretty high as graphic lvl etc doesn't seem superior to any other games I play (or played)...
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[OP]Dannibal Aug 18 @ 9:42am 
It's my money in the drain for this one I guess :( Still same problem, the stronghold works fine, other servers I crash before I am on even.
The doctor is in Aug 18 @ 9:56am 
you still have not posted

post details about your hardware (cpu, gpu, memory) and os (windows version n if 32/64 bits)

the "out_data must be initialized before" says your running out of memory

so post those details about your hardward and os
[OP]Dannibal Aug 18 @ 10:52am 
This what you need to know?

AMD Athlon 64 dual core 5600+ 2,80 GHz
2,00 Gb RAM
32 bits
Direct X 10
CPU 2008 MHz

And yeah, it's kind of old, but I have no trouble with any other games...
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