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Omnisciurus Jun 16, 2014 @ 4:27pm
Third Triple Quest - The Portal Perilous
Well, I did it! Final tally: three attempts and about five hours total.

I believe this is the single hardest quest in the entire game, correct? I don't think I ever spent as much time with any other quest. Really challenging, but also really rewarding. You feel like an absolute boss once you finally manage to beat it.

So, here's how it went.

First attempt: I got a really good start in the first part, buying the Balanced Dagger and spending no potions at all. I was really happy to see that the fixed class was Bloodmage (my favorite), but the inability to use blood pools really threw me off at first. In the end, though, it was probably the easiest first stage out of all three triple quests.

The second part was tough, as I couldn't really level up effectively. Although I had prepared Namtar's Ward, I had a hard time with the 100% death gaze and probably didn't use blackspace all that well. As a result, I ended up using virtually every single potion to beat the two bosses. I also got a Dragon Soul, as well as Taurog's sword and armour to take with me to the next part.

The third stage was basically a reality check. There was no way I was ever going to beat it with what I had. I managed to barely level up to LV8, take out the Avatar "shells" and after using up all my resources, I only brought one of the "true" Avatars down to about 20% health. However, I had completely run out of steam by that point and died.

Second attempt: I got a fantastic start in the first stage. I bought Dwarven Gauntlets and found the BYSSEPS glyph. This time I prepared the Dragon Shield, because I figured Namtar's Ward would be utterly useless in the final stage.

I managed to level up much more efficiently in part 2 with the added damage bonus, killing enemies 2-3 levels above me. Everything was going fine and I also found Platemail in one of the shops, which I could buy after killing the bosses and take it with me to make the third part even easier.

However, I made a few small mistakes in the boss fight and was literally 1 fireball short of killing the physical immune boss. I had planned my money carefully to afford a potential Platemail in part 2 or 3, so I skipped buying a Schadenfreude potion in part 1. That essentially cost me the game, because I forgot that the first killed boss also drops 25 gold.

Third attempt: Not so lucky this time in the first part. Although the stage itself is basically a cakewalk, I got no useful glyphs at all, never mind useful items. I basically hoped that the Balanced Dagger + WONAFYT combo would once again carry me through the second part.

I actually did a lot better in part 2 this time, avoiding some of the mistakes I did in the first run, such as exploring way too much before even killing anything. Once again, all of my health and mana potions were used up. I assume that heavy potion use is intentional here, because the Glowing Guardian in stage 3 hates potions anyway. I also spent my Quicksilver potion and a Schadenfreude, but picked up a Blue Bead, as well as a Soul Orb to better fight the Thralls in part 3. Once again, I took Taurog's sword and armour after the bosses were dead.

Realizing the lack of inventory space at the beginning of part 3, I immediately converted BURNDAYRAZ at LV1. I figured that HALPMEH - especially for a Paladin - would be the superior choice in such a long fight. I had 24 gold and kept an eye out for a Platemail, which never showed up. I ended up buying Dragon Soul at LV8. I found the shop really late and every other choice was horrible.

The boss fight was... epic. Truly epic. Anyone who's played this quest would likely agree that this fight can't really be described in any other way. Thanks to the resists from Paladin's trait, Dragon Shield and Taurog's armour, I fared much better against the Avatars. I converted WONAFYT, the Dagger and Orb for more damage and started taking Protection boons with the occasional Cleansing if a suitable target presented itself.

After the first Avatar fell, I almost started dancing with joy thanks to the full piety refill and extra gold. That made the rest of the fight infinitely easier, because my Dragon Soul was being completely uncooperative. As my inventory was getting rather full of prayer beads, I had to convert Taurog's sword before I realized that the little LV1 enemies that appear after each killed Avatar occasionally drop Compression Seals. Dang it.

Thanks to the extra money, I bought a Fine Sword and Tower Shield for more damage and resists. Fortunately, I only had a few situations where I had no choice but to attack an Avatar and take 100+ damage. At one point, all four remaining Avatars even decided to be really kind and had 6, 9, 12 and 24 damage for me to choose from. I continued the beatdown with more Protections, HALPMEHs and my last remaining Schadenfreude potion until all Avatars were dead.

I then killed all the corrosive little gits, bought a Burn Salve and wiped all the stacks. Did the same with the mana burning ones and used a Cleansing afterwards. I saved the cursebearing ones, as I set up an Enlightenment boon (with 20 beads in the inventory) before heading down to fight the final boss, so I could come back, kill them all, level up and wipe all the curse stacks in one swoop.

Next to the legendary Avatar fight, however, the final boss was almost pitiful. I literally killed him with a Can of Whupaz, two HALPMEHs and three tiles of exploration. Didn't even need Enlightenment or the level catapult.

I also converted everything for fun and took the Enlightenment boon for a pretty damn ridiculous stat boost after killing the boss:

Many thanks to the developers of this great game! The amount of content is truly fantastic. I never imagined I would spend so much time on this game (or any game for that matter), not to mention enjoy every moment of it.
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The Schachter Jun 16, 2014 @ 6:07pm 
I just wanted to say that I'm *very* impressed that you won the second and third triple quests in so few attempts. They really are the most difficult challenges in the game, and it's amazing that you figured them out and actually won so quickly! If you knew how much time it took me to figure out those quests... XD
~'(^ + ^)'~ Jun 17, 2014 @ 12:29am 
Wow, absolutely an accomplishment!

I think you have reached the veteran status in this game, being able to tackle all these toughest quests in relative ease.

I also took a look at the 3 guides that you have created for beating all the character class challenges in this game, absolutely great stuff! :)
dislekcia!  [developer] Jun 17, 2014 @ 5:31pm 
Whoa. This is a pretty epic thread :)
SexyPanther Jun 21, 2014 @ 10:38pm 
You sir, have proven yourself as a Desktop Dungeons master. Thank you for posting such detailed accounts of your heroic exploits. Were you a God, I believe you would be Jehora Jeheyu, as you seem to revel in handling any random task presented, no matter the difficulty. Nice work.
SexyPanther Aug 27, 2014 @ 1:30pm 
I just had my most epic run on the third triple quest! On part one, I lucked out with a shop selling the Balanced Dagger already in view, carefully levelled to level 7 before attacking the boss, and made it into part two with two Schadenfreude potions, all health and mana potions, my compressed Dragon Shield, and other goodies. On part two, I explored a little, but decided my best bet would be to convert an extra CYDSTEPP glyph right away, to take advantage of the bonus experience the Dagger provides. Making sure to leave the border of the map still filled with black space, I slowly, and cautiously levelled up until I was around level 5. At this point, I opted to begin attacking the physical resist boss. The fight was pretty amazing, as I took him down, then reached a point on the magic resist boss where I thought I had no chance. Nope! I converted my BURNDAYRAZ glyph, purchased a third Schadenfreude potion, and converted my BLUDTUPOWA to level up yet again. I finished part two with no potions, but with TAUROG's Sword, Shield, and Armour.

I had never made it into part three without using Namtar's ward before (and I died at level 1). On this run, I made it to level 7, destroyed all the Avatar "shells," but ultimately died without defeating a single Avatar (I didn't realize about the bouncing damage outputs until I tanked a few large hits, as well as used up my Piety with Protection Boons in taking out the Shells, leaving me without a mid-fight level up and without a means of getting more hits in without exploring black space and healing my foes).

I like to think I'm improving. :)
KKedem Aug 28, 2014 @ 1:22am 
Well one thing what you can do is prep tikki tokki, convert all your potions to reflex and doge in the first part. The first part is easy so there is no need for drac, just milk Piety with TT and you should be good.

One question: is it important in the second part to kill the AAs? And what do you kill in the third part? The avartar dungeon has the worst enemy pool...
The Schachter Aug 31, 2014 @ 11:18am 
Originally posted by KKedem:
Well one thing what you can do is prep tikki tokki, convert all your potions to reflex and doge in the first part. The first part is easy so there is no need for drac, just milk Piety with TT and you should be good.

One question: is it important in the second part to kill the AAs? And what do you kill in the third part? The avartar dungeon has the worst enemy pool...

Preparing Tikki Tooki is actually a very interesting idea, hadn't thought of it. I might be enclined to start with Dracul (easy 100 piety) and convert into Tikki at the end, though... from my experiences with that quest I really wouldn't want to use up any money on Tikki Piety, since part 2 can require a *lot* of shop junk conversion and some of the most useful items for this quest are fairly expensive. An extra reflexes + Quicksilver to use for part 3 sounds great though.

Personally, for part 2 I ignore the AAs that are higher than level 3 or so. You just don't have the resources to tackle those. And in Part 3, I forget the full monster pool but I know that Imps and Doom Armours were pretty easy to deal with overal (the Imps may blink, but ideally you're scouting the dungeon to start GG worship at level 1. I'm pretty sure I could kill level 3 imps at lsvel 1 if I was lucky enough to find them). And if I recall correctly, there are Thralls in there, right? They're usually weak enough that you can level up through their mana burn (or get a soul orb if you can spare it, which makes them ideal targets). And you might be able to afford a hit of Weakening or two, since you'll probably get GG's cleansing a few times.
SexyPanther Aug 31, 2014 @ 11:18pm 
What character level should you reach under ideal scenarios to begin attacking the Avatars (not the shells)?

Personal Note: Just made it to the third map for the third time, second attempt on the Avatars, and I actually had more items coming into it. I think I'm slowly getting better at part two. It was an odd run, as I managed to purchase Platemail at the very end of map two and carry it with me to start map three. It didn't pan out, but I'm learning.
Last edited by SexyPanther; Aug 31, 2014 @ 11:20pm
The Schachter Sep 1, 2014 @ 2:29am 
It's been almost a year, so I don't remember all that clearly, but I seem to recall aiming to start the "real" boss fight around level 7 going into 8, though it's often very tricky to actually get close enough to level 8 to easily leverage a mid-fight level up. Unless it was 6 going into 7, but that seems low. Ultimately, of course, it depends on the kind of available experience you have at your disposal on the board.

Taking down the first Avatar is arguably the hardest part. While you do ideally want to lower the five of them relatively evenly (so that you're not stuck with one that won't let you choose to not tank 120 magic damage), it can really help to try and focus the first one down earlier.

Absolutely do buy platemail again if you see it show up. It's arguably the best item for part 3, though I never got to use it myself. I used the Fire Heart on my winning run, which is another good item to use.

This is making me want to tackle this quest again... Sexy Panther, you definitely sound like you're on your way to victory. The biggest step is learning to beat Part 2 consistently, and more and more efficiently. The rest is learning how to leverage what you gain from the first two parts into part 3. Keep at it!
SexyPanther Sep 2, 2014 @ 7:20pm 
So I spent all afternoon yesterday, trying to get a winning run. I must have wasted 10,000 coins simply restarting the map, hoping to find a Balanced Dagger in one of the shops. Eventually, I said, "Whatever!" and started attempting runs regardless of what spawned. I've actually managed to beat map two without the Balanced Dagger, which makes logical sense considering you will be attacking monsters two levels higher than you quite often. I had a promising run earlier, but still found myself lacking enough piety to defeat my first Avatar. Then, on a subsequent attempt, I had everything going for me. Then I got trapped in a room, was forced to convert all my good gear, and made it to map three with zero Taurog items. I tried, but quickly realized this was an unwinnable situation.
The Schachter Sep 2, 2014 @ 9:51pm 
Darn! Honestly, I wouldn't bother with the balanced dagger for map 2. You're a Warlord, one of the best classes for killing higher-level monsters. If you want to scum for something, I'd recommend scumming map 1 for GETINDARE while having Less Glyphs active; that can *really* help yout out for map 2. Or even better, GETINDARE and ENDISWAL. If that would lead you to a full inventory (don't quite remember), you'd keep BURNDAYRAZ in the bottom slot so that it would be booted out of your inventory to make way for CYDSTEP. Since you only really need BURNDAYRAZ for the boss, you can convert either glyph at an appropriate moment for an exp boost while making space for BURNDAYRAZ. All of the glyphs you carry over from part 1 will have the bonus CP from Less Glyphs, and you're probably going to convert all of them anyway. Since you won't always find a good shop item in part 1 (and one of the best items for part 3, the Platemail, basically makes part 2 impossible), I often just end up bringing a random "meh" glyph for 150 CP (besides, you can get mileage out of most glyphs; ENDISWAL, WONAFYT or WEYTWUT are also nice even without that tasty CP). Also, small items rock. I especially like the Dragon Sould, though it's expensive and not always reliable. It just feels so good for Warlords...
SexyPanther Sep 3, 2014 @ 5:57pm 
Just had my most impressive attempt thus far. Got an Avatar down to 162 health. I wasted a little too much black space on map three, but I'm getting much closer to my goal. I find it interesting that you suggest placing BURNDAYRAZ in the bottom slot, as I've had most of my success on map two by:
- Attacking foes 2 levels higher than me (starting at player level 2) with repeat BURNDAYRAZ attacks until mana is empty
Then either:
- Casting BURNDAYRAZ again until a physical attack can deal a one-hit deathblow, then attacking
- Casting GETINDARE to save myself a Death Protection upon level-up before attacking

Of course, I'm also using the same strategy to occasionally destory enemies 3+ levels higher than me, depending on the map generated.

I have had zero runs where I've made it to map three by making extensive use of IMAWAL, and frankly, I don't find it particularly practical (I tend to have ENDISWAL as my dropped glyph, and use my above BURNDAYRAZ-BLUDTOPOWA-GETINDARE combo to achieve victory). The most challenging part of map two for me in battling the twin bosses, is in making the right call when I'm depleted on health and mana, have a death protection, and must decide on:
a) Converting items for a level-up
b) Using Schadenfreude on a magic resist physical attack
c) Using a mana potion
d) Using a health potion to cast BLUDTOPOWA

And for the record, I have made it map three without gaining access to GETINDARE, the above referring to ideal circumstances only.

God I love this game (but which god? Hmmm.... let's say Glowing Guardian).

P.S. All my runs have been using the "Fewer Glyphs" purchase. That just makes good sense, though I probably stole the idea from you anyway. :)
Last edited by SexyPanther; Sep 3, 2014 @ 5:59pm
The Schachter Sep 3, 2014 @ 8:31pm 
You know, given the whole death gaze gimmick of that dungeon, leveraging your remaining health using B2P definitely make sense... I guess I'm so used to playing straightforward warlords that I didn't feel the need switch things around that much. Also, I don't necessarily recommend "extensive" IMAWAL use, but seeing how Warlords are good at taking down high-level choice targets, petrifying one of those multi-death-protection changelings which you're likely to never kill anyway gives a very significant net gain.

I try to always aim for levelling up before using potions, for the obvious reason that the extra damage you get in from the potions will increase with your level. Maybe this is obvious but I know I used to be very stingy about conversion. Of course, the bosses are also worth a nice chunk of XP and gold, so it's good to keep that in mind when evaluating the worth of a potion. Personally, when I did the challenge I always kept all my health potions for part 3. You're likely to have some boosted health thanks to absolution, which I *think* makes a health potion worth more than a single Halpmeh cast afforded by a mana potion (but don't quote me on that unless you check the math :P).

Would comment more, but I'm falling asleep on my keyboard (appologies if the above isn't very coherent). Keep at it!
SexyPanther Sep 4, 2014 @ 11:47am 
I just had a run without GETINDARE where..... drumroll..... I defeated my first Avatar! I had my most successful victory on map two ever, taking both Taurog's Sword and Armour, CYDSTEPP, BLUDTOPOWA, the Dragon Soul, and a Schadenfreude potion with me. For whatever reason, I hadn't even considered using Absolution on map three. This time, I used it three times prior to attacking a "shell." Not only did this allow me to two-hit a shell at full health and survive, it saved me ample black space I leveraged in attempting to wittle down the Avatars. Unfortunately, in using black space, the damage was not evenly spread across the Avatars. Though I took down one and got a second down to about 67 health, the remaining three were 100% healthy. However, this is getting exciting!

I owe this run mainly to a very cooperative Dragon Soul. Also, I finally understand what that sign post refered to when it said "I saw their bodies change. The five of them took terrible forms."

UPDATE: Should I bother taking the Humility boon on map three?
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SexyPanther Sep 8, 2014 @ 8:23pm 
Sooooooo close! I managed to kill 2 Avatars, and get the remaining three down to about 150 health each before admitting defeat. I entered map three with a Dragon Soul, two mana potions, a quicksilver potion, a reflex potion, and platemail. So close, so very, very close!
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