cruick31 Jul 26 @ 12:29am
a few questions
I have 428 gold and it shows it in red, what does that mean? I cannot spend it as everything is 1K or more and i dont seem too be able to beat any stage no matter what character i use, also if i retire from a dungeon, it shows all the mobs, levels, items, ect that i have collected, but doesnt count the gold i made, why is this?

What can i spend 428 gold on? please help.
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Danceofmasks Jul 26 @ 12:44am 
Oh, I'm guessing you did the Den of Danger a lot.
You need to beat the banker in both the Den of Danger and Venture Cave, which will unlock the bank (and increase your gold limit).
cruick31 Jul 26 @ 1:20am 
Ok now the Venture Cave, you need mana too kill the vamp. in that level as physical attacks do squat against him, but i can never find enough mana pots too kill him, just how the heck to you defeat this dude?
Danceofmasks Jul 26 @ 2:29am 
Erm, there's lots of methods.
The easiest would be the level cannon.
You automatically get first strike on lower level monsters, so unless they also have first strike, you can often one-shot them. We call them popcorn.
Early game, try to take down higher level monsters (for bonus XP), while leaving low levels around as popcorn later.
When you start on the boss, you empty your mana pool on him, and then, without revealing any extra tiles, kill some popcorn to level up (which refills your health and mana).
This allows you to unload another full fireball barrage on him.
Obviously, at the stage you're at, you'd do this with the Wizard.

Also, try to save your mana pots for after you level up, since your fireballs do more damage then.
cruick31 Jul 26 @ 2:44am 
ok thanks for the info
The Schachter Jul 26 @ 6:05am 
By the way, that particular boss only has 35% physical resistances. Your phyisical attacks won't be as powerful, but you can still get quite a bit of damage in using them, especially since that boss doesn't have a very strong attack either. This game is about squeezing in everything you can to achieve victory, don't forget that!
cruick31 Jul 26 @ 8:55pm 
Finally beat the boss :)
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