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cruick31 2014年7月25日下午3:31
Puzzle Help
I am on Agbaar's Acadamy puzzle, there are 2 level 1, 1 level 2 and a level 3 mob, by the time i get even too the level 4 mob, i have 4hp left and no way to defeat the mob. What exactly am i supposed to be doing in the puzzle stages, no matter what i try, i always day, are there any puzzle solulution forums i fan visit to get an idea as too what the heck i do????
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Danceofmasks 2014年7月25日下午5:26 
The solutions are in the wiki, and google will find them for you
Eg: google "desktop dungeons agbaar's academy"
Personally, I don't like the puzzles that much, so I just never did them.
~'(^ + ^)'~ 2014年7月26日上午3:52 
The solutions can be found on the web and you can follow them easily.

However, I recommend you to put a little thought when following through the steps for the puzzles. They usually teach some important game mechanics to you such as the strike order, or some minor details such as how to use glyphs effectively (like if you leave a burn stack on enemies - they actually regen less life when you reveal black space and the burning stacks also deal some damage when you attack the enemy or another enemy, etc.).

I do feel that the puzzles are not that easy especially for newcomers, so feel free to use the readily available solutions when you are stuck. As always, post here when you have doubts, there are lots of helpful people lurking around here or those that pop by on a regular basis, :)
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