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cruick31 2014年7月25日下午1:14
Just bought game - have a question
So i just bought the game and in the tutorial it says if you walk around you will regain health, but this doesnt seem too be happening, did i miss understand this some how?
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~'(^ + ^)'~ 2014年7月25日下午1:31 
You gain health and mana from revealing black space (the tiles that you have yet to discover). Walking around in revealed areas doesn't help your character to regen (if you don't reveal new areas).

Other points fyi, enemies also regain health together with you when you reveal black space. And if your character is affected with certain status effects such as Poison or Mana Burn, then you don't regain any health and mana respectively when revealing black space.
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cruick31 2014年7月25日下午1:50 
Ahhh ok, ty, i probably didnt understand tutorial correctly, thanks for info.
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