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Aug 31 @ 3:34am
Crash on options
My game constantly crashes when i change graphic sliders. Anybody got solution to this?...
Sep 2 @ 9:00am
sacred 2 crash
i launch the game, loading screen (the one whit the silly messages) and PUFF! crash T.T...
Jul 3 @ 11:07pm
desktop crash
cant play loads up then crashes...
Jun 11, 2013 @ 12:51pm
Crashing Fix.
I use the elite texture pack on top of maximum settings. And sacred 2 has been crashing constantly for me. If I lower the settings and/or remove the elite texture pack or disable physx. My game never... crashes. However I want everything or nothing. So after trying every fix I could find on google, I decided it was impossible.

As a last resort I decided to mess around with the options.txt file...
Ok, it is still crashing :(. I played now one hour after try leaving a cave - crash. I run in the background ProcessExplorer and it shows at crash 1,5 gb....
Great! I was able to play more then 2,5hours without a crash. Even with PhysX on and AA 2x (turned Nvidia settings for Sacred 2 off again). Game does even not crash with 1,6GB mem usage oO...
Jun 6, 2013 @ 12:07pm
Installation (1 - 1) and crashs
just crashes without a message error every 10~20 minutes...
I get this message everytime i start,too.("First Start blablasomething")
However,i don't suffer from random crashes at all.
Please try to start Steam as Admin/set the sacred 2 exe to win xp...
of Sacred 2 and dont run any further... Did i miss something?

Also you guys can try the tips of this
crash" >
by Matthew...
Aug 9, 2013 @ 12:40am
Crash on map transition.
I get frequent crashes when moving from the main area to a cave area and vice versa.

Anyone else suffereing from this?
Aug 5, 2013 @ 11:12pm
Game crash on graphics change.
crash's without any idication of why when ever i change any graphics setting and then try to apply it. while applying the new setting its just dies.

Has anyone else had this issue and found a fix... it on high issue its a client crash issue.

I have installed the game in ADMIN mode all my games are.

Im guessing before releasing this on steam they didnt optimise it for modern machines
and windows 7...
Feb 22, 2013 @ 4:07am
Crashes as much as the retail version?
Used to own the retail version of Sacred 2 Gold, but it kept crashing every 20-30 minutes, so I ended up selling the game on eBay. I tried everything to fix the crashing (.ini tweaks, RAM flushing...
40 hours on Sacred 2 and 20 on Sacred Gold and no crashes yet....
I took the leap and bought it. We'll see, but on retail I was crashing anywhere from a few minutes to 15. Horrible memory leak. If you didn't push it, and if you were lucky (ha) the game would... start slowing to a horrible crawl as its resources ran out and it bogged down. Then it would crash....
Aug 7 @ 2:15am
Game crashes on startup (aticfx32.dll)
My problem include the missing mouse cursor, when I able it (with some guess work at the options) I try to accept the changes and the game crash and I go back to the desk top....
The game works great on one of my computers and crashes on the other.
I've downloaded the patch, even putting it in the games directory, have the latest drivers installed, tried running...
Jul 4 @ 1:25am
A lot of crashes? Is it due to an OS issue?
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