Sangwin1 Jun 17, 2013 @ 6:56pm
Sacred 2, another GEM <3 Question RE: HE Build
I have some time in with the original Sacred title and following Diablo found Sacred hard at first, and on this topic I have some questions about a succesful High Elf build.
by succesfull I mean relative ease and survivability in Platnum and a reasonable time of it on Niob.
I am currently working a Arrant Focus/Lore build. at lvl26 I have Arrant Focus/Lore, Barg, EP, Armor Lore, Concentration,
I just added Delphic Focus, and will add Shield lore, likely ....Arcane Damage and Riding.
Figuring my workhorse is fire and can achieve a decent magic damage with Dephic Focus and Ancient Magic without adding Delphic lore.
Will I get a higher single damage shot from Delphic art Strike or Coup? I am working Teleport and Grand in Delphic and really can clear most areas with a meteor shower and a fireball. anytips on what direction to take with the express goal of finishing the game on Platinum?
I personally find the energy pistol with shield fun but realize i may need to use a socketed staff at some points. I Am totally leaving out ice only have a few runes read of Cascade but will likely choose one Mystic offensive art. Nimbus or single shot effect for Platinum with no Mystic arts. Enemies later on who are vulnerable to ice will be a time killer but I accept this. as a pure spell caster with that teleport ability and armor and shield lore I think i should be ok.

\/////// this game seems unrefined compared to Sacred original pc version but the storage system and pc design is sic!
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