Sacred 2 Gold

Sacred 2 Gold

Brad Jan 18, 2013 @ 11:43pm
Help me tweak balance.txt to increase drop rates please!
Hi guys, I've read that editing certain values in the balance.txt can increase drop rates of unique/rare/set items etc. Can anyone please help me with values for editing here as I found the file a bit confusing overall.

I don't want anything overly drastic but would like to change the values so that I am finding decent gear a little more often, it really motivates me to play more when I find some nice loot and at the default values I'm not finding anything at all. I should note that considering the size of Sacred 2 and the limited multiplayer options I intend to probably only do one solid playthrough on Bronze which is another reason I would like to speed up my loot hunting =)

If someone would be so kind as to edit the values so that perhaps the rare/yellow champion? mobs have a 20-25% chance to drop a good item and maybe the big bosses have a 100% to drop a couple that would be really appreciated! Thanks
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Heinrich6745 Jan 18, 2013 @ 11:59pm 
I have done exactly this myself and tested it a ton, i would seriously advise against it...because it becomes too much of a cheat, even slightly increasing it as you are asking...from what i have tested that is, Not to mention other things come into play like Enhanced Perception and Chance to find magic items, survival bonus, etc...

I would also recommend you NOT do a single playthrough and only do bronze, that is a joke, start in silver and play from there, as a new player i assume you are going to take your time and explore everything and do all quests? that is fine, i did the exact same thing...but as you get more experience and know how in the game, you learn to not do those all the time till at least platinum/Niobium difficulty, hell i have only done a handful of quests in Niob lol ( just beat the main quest last night in niob not including xpac.

Trust me once you get higher level and higher difficulty, not to mention other factors you will find tons of items, i myself am flowing with TONS!

As a very new player to the series, i won't help you and do these kinds of edits, sorry...that just ruins the fun and the game itself...especially for somebody that is new to it for the first time. :/

P.S. Bronze is a joke, hell even silver is lol....also to unlock gold you have to beat silver, bronze won't cut it..
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Brad Jan 19, 2013 @ 1:00am 
Thanks Heinrich for your response. I do understand where you are coming from in terms of pushing through to higher difficulties and building characters to their optimum as I do enjoy the ARPG genre very much and play as many as I can find that I enjoy.

The main reason for me intending to do one solid playthrough on Bronze is mostly due to the release of Path of Exile later this week. After playing the beta last year I've been really looking forward to it and intend to spend a large chunk of my gaming time budget on it once it releases. I know that buffing the item drop rates is essentially cheating but I can ensure that it will certainly increase my enjoyment for the 15-20 hours I intend to play Sacred 2.

I found with Torchlight 2 that it also lacked a nice flow of steady and impressive upgrades that had a noticeable impact on my character as I played. By the time my character was in a position to farm high level maps and potentially obtain quality loot my interest in the game had dwindled and so had the community.

I don't want to break the experience by having every mob drop multiple uniques/set items etc but I would really like having the choice of choosing between some decent items in comparison to the really average and boring minimal upgrades I'm finding right now.

If I was intending to really sink a solid amount of time into the game then I wouldn't want to tweak it but like I mentioned before, Path of Exile will be my go to game for ARPG fix in the next week or so. I understand if you still don't want to help with the tweaks, thats ok =)

But if anyone else wants to do help please do! =P
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