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10$ at Most targets
why is this 20 on steam >.>
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Sun's Delusion 7/jan/2013 às 13:07 
i have no idea what you are talking about
ClassicVinyl 7/jan/2013 às 13:13 
I don't buy games at Target or WalMart.
I don't buy sushi at 7-11.
Sun's Delusion 7/jan/2013 às 13:14 
Escrito originalmente por El Borracho:
I don't buy games at Target or WalMart.
I don't buy sushi at 7-11.
sacred 2 gold is digital only, thus why i want to know what he is talking about
sacred 2 is not digital only @.@ Also not buying sushi at 7-11 is stupid because games are code they dont change in quality from one vendor to another >.>
belgarathmth 7/jan/2013 às 14:58 
There are no boxed copies of Sacred 2 Ice & Blood in the United States, as it was never released here. What you may have seen in the discount bin is a boxed copy of the United States release of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. If you do see it, don't buy it. It requires an online key-code activation, and the game is no longer supported in the States except through download services like Steam.

Both the developer and the American distributor are now out of business.
UABBlazers 7/jan/2013 às 15:41 
Retail copies outside of Steam also use awful DRM that can take hours to manage just to get the game running.
LonePaladin 7/jan/2013 às 16:48 
I waited for a couple years without buying S2, because I wanted the whole game, not just the basic one. I finally broke down and bought a copy of S2 Gold via Gamersgate a mere FIVE DAYS before this was added. I didn't even know it was here until today.

I spent three days dealing with a buggy patch system. The original game didn't have a built-in updater, and the 'original to fully patched' file wouldn't install. I had to go through nearly a dozen iterative updates, picking up patch files from a third-party archive -- and I had to go through most of those updates with my Internet access disabled, along with my antivirus and firewall (because one specific patch had to be applied to an *unaltered* fileset; even a cursory examination by AVG counted as an alteration).

I've sent an e-mail off to GG to see if they have a way to turn my purchase into a Steam key, so that I won't have to go through that process again.
belgarathmth 7/jan/2013 às 17:02 
@LonePaladin, the Steam version of Sacred 2 Gold doesn't use any keys. That's a good thing. A very good thing.

There are no more keys to the old Fallen Angel, DRM-haunted version. Some people who bought the old Fallen Angel version, even on Steam, got stuck with vaporware, because there were no keys to unlock it.

EDIT: btw, the Steam version of Sacred 2 Gold comes fully patched. It plays for most people upon download, without any further action needed. The tech problems you see discussed here come up in a minority of computer setups.
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Peaceful Panda 7/jan/2013 às 17:48 
I think $20 is a fair retail price. This is a big game with lots to do. Could easily kill well over 100 hours on this one. More if you really get into it. I won't be picking it up for $20 because I already played it a few years ago. Will definetely grab it at $10 if it goes on sale though; it would be nice to add to the collection.
LonePaladin 7/jan/2013 às 18:14 
I just got a reply from a GamersGate rep. They have no idea if they'll be getting Steam keys in the future, but it may happen. The rep also pointed out that the Steam version is already patched and doesn't have the SecuROM DRM, which makes it better than what I got (and it's a few dollars cheaper). I paid about $24 (the exchange rate does NOT favor the US dollar right now).
Aristar 8/jan/2013 às 8:41 
Ice & Blood expansion has never been on US store shelves, as far as I know.
iCeDrAgOn 9/jan/2013 às 10:22 
The ice and blood expansion was never released in the US. all though there were some people who did order the expansion from the UK, which in it's own right caused problems, because the expansion was coded not to be compatable with the US version, so they had to pick up the whole game all over again. I just wish that they would offer a discount to those of us who own the original game on steam
Larvi 9/jan/2013 às 10:38 
S2 gold was sold in a retail DVD version but it was only available in the US as an import. I got a copy from Gogamer. This is what I have:
At the time the keys provided with the game enabled you to create account only on the EU servers on not the US servers but that was actually better as there were more players over tehre.
C= 64 9/jan/2013 às 13:50 
Escrito originalmente por Marcusq:
why is this 20 on steam >.>

because most ppl are impulsive driven when buying entertainment type stuff, there is quite a few games new and old that are priced this way on steam i have found.

Personally i shop around, it has saved me quite a sum i otherwise woulda spent using just steam.
FuZzNuG- 9/jan/2013 às 17:23 
Well you could have purchased this game for $10.00 December 21st - January 5th.
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