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Sacred 2 Gold

Bull's Strike Oct 29, 2013 @ 10:56am
The Dragon Mage and the Banshee
i recently bought the game (not playing it for the first time, thou) and im stuck with the banshee miniboss.
Now i know that poison and fire work wonders against it, but my elemental pure casting DM can't deal either of those. My problem is, that i can't even hit him. Neither destroyers nor Gust of Wind (my two main skills) put numbers on that ghost, and Dragon strike is unusable in caves and deals very low damage when unskilled (so even if it would land on the boss every time it wouldn't be enough to counter his natural regen).
If I would play a weapon based char i would just socket fire or poison, but as a caster, I'm stuck.

Please Help D:

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versdor Nov 8, 2013 @ 5:20pm 
Haven't fought this mosnter yet, but have you tried Fire Damage? Fire seems to settle ghosts quite well.

Also, head to Sacred Wiki and look up the Banshee. See what damage she does, and what she is vulnerable to.

After you do that, see what skills the Dragon Mage has, and findout what works best against the Banshee. I believe Damage Mitigation helps while dealing with Boss monsters.

Hope this helps.
There are also gems that will convert damage to another type. You can socket your weapons with these I believe.
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