Darth Tydril Jan 19 @ 8:53pm
Need some help.
First things first, i must say i absolutely love this game, used to own it on 360, bought it on steam during the summer sale i think or thanksgiving, something like that, but is there a way i can change the camera angle to something similar to Torchlight 2 or Diablo 2/3? If not it's alright i'll find a way to deal.
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John Jan 19 @ 8:56pm 
There are a couple sliders you can adjust in the options menu. I think they're under gameplay, but I haven't played in a while. If you find them, adjust to your liking.
Darth Tydril Jan 19 @ 9:08pm 
I'll check in a second, started it up again and not really bothered by it as muc has i used to be.
junker154 Jan 20 @ 6:27pm 
I usually disable the option that makes the camera follow your character, it's pretty irritating and annoying. Also press z in order to put the camera back to default, there isn't much that you can do. Besides in the dungeons you will probably rotate the camera in order to properly navigate the places, sometimes it's hard to see what's ahead of you.
Darth Tydril Jan 20 @ 6:59pm 
Ah okay, thanks guys.
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