Sacred 2 Gold

Sacred 2 Gold

Yoster Dec 31, 2013 @ 3:41pm
Liking it! Just wish it had trading cards or achievements
Didn't expect too much from this game, but after playing for awhile I started to understand it more. This game is almost like a comedy RPG. The combat is pretty simple and fun. Just a good all around game. Camera is kind of akward but you learn to work with it.

I just wish it had achievements or trading cards!!
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Caspar Dec 31, 2013 @ 5:18pm 
yes it is quite good
kaori Dec 31, 2013 @ 7:08pm 
My ps3 version had some, was ok.

Game is addicting once you get a hang of it.
Just a pain in♥♥♥♥♥to lvl past 80-100 level,
so much grinding. Consider you can go 200.

Best way to enjoy the game would be, is to play
hardcore and not DIE once. Since your bonus
for staying alive will stack a lot, its quite fun.
Adds bonus to everything, enemies, your stats
etc, MF, i forget, havnt played. I had the drm
version when it was released w/o steam.
yep this game is quite fun, cant believe im just playing it now
Starvingartizt Jan 19, 2014 @ 6:35pm 
if you havent modify the ini to zoom WAAAY out ;)
Yoster Jan 19, 2014 @ 8:19pm 
I haven't - thank you!!!
MushaConvoy Mar 19, 2014 @ 8:33pm 
I loved Sacred 2, finished it on 360 and PS3 on all difficulty levels. Now I have a decent gaming PC I had fully intended to go through again on Steam, and after seeing all the screenshots about how different the inventory system on PC is - and that the PC version got an expansion pack, I got real excited.

...... unfortunately I have a severe achievement addiction (hence all difficulties on both consoles). I do hope Deep Silver take the time to add achievements and steam cloud into this marvelous game, I know many other such addicts that will miss out on this great game without them.
BambusTech Mar 20, 2014 @ 2:30pm 
have you checked your quest log? top left page, there should be some tabs, one of them (think it's the 3rd (could be wrong though)) it says "success."

the game has its own set of achievements which is located inside your quest log, on a different page.

Don't purchase anything (and by this they mean "nothing", what so ever.
no mounts, no weapons, no armor, no potions (not even health potions (learned that the hard way)) etc.

another one, that will take an extensive amount of time is: "explore 80% of the game world".
however, I can't say if this is including caves or not. but I think it is. (which means it will take that more time to achieve it)

else there are the quite easy ones, level your (eg. Seraphim) to level 15.

level any hero to level 35.

complete both campaigns.

visit (insert area here) and accept at least 1 quest

there are quite a few acievements, some requires more work than others.
but not trying the game out because there are no steam achievements is really your loss here.

but the camera is poor at best, with default settings. though you can work around this by, editing a game file.
I just wish there were more chest space (I love set items so I keep all mine around (just need space) but for single player and offline gameplay, there is a work around that will help, but not solve the issue. make everything potion sized (1 slot). gives a lot more space, just not enough.
work around 2: creating your own chests. however, only 1 chest can be active at a time :(. look it up :)

to follow up on Kaori's "survival bonus". the longer you endure combat (actually fighting monsters) the more bonus you will get. (standing around doing nothing will not increase your survival bonus)

(following basic information is taken from the "sacredwiki")

higher survival bonus gives you:
better base stats (like strength, dexterity etc (which is added before all other modifiers gets calculated))
improved damage from weapons and spells.
since it will increase your stats, you will see an increase in overall health. (I'm not sure if it gives HP and an increase to stats (so that health is given twice. 1 time from stats alone. and again just by just giving some health))
faster health regeneration
attack rating (how well you aim with your weapon)
more defense.
more spell intencity.
more spell resistance
lower buff penalties
faster combat art regeneration.
better magic find (chance to find valuables (further increased by exploration % (1/4 of % map explored. (eg. +1% per 4% map explored)))

the bonus to stats you get is 1/3rd of survival bonus' value. (eg. a 60% survival bonus will give a 20% stat boost (it's not noted if magic find as well is increased with 1/3rd of survival bonus (so that a 60% survival bonus gives +20% magic find... it's not noted if this stacks with your basic chance to find valuables, and then that is increased by enhanced perception skill)).

however, it is important to note that survival bonus also increases the monsters level. however your level is also taken into account (a level 1 player won't face level 5's just by having a high survival bonus)
level 1-2 will max face a "your level +1"
level 3-8 will max face a "your level +2"
from that point on, every 6 levels will add "+1" to monster level (up until player level 182)

when/if the hero dies, survival bonus is reset (aka. going back to 0%) and has to be reacquired.

some feedback on my questions regarding survival bonus would be nice. thanks.

to recap:

there are ingame achievements in your quest log, look for them.

staying alive is good.
dying is bad.
fleeing is good!

over and out :)

edit: the tab says "success" and not "achievement" as previously stated. sorry.
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