Big Goldberg Mar 16 @ 9:56am
Game is not available in steam store
Why sacred 2 gold is not available in Steam Store?
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Heinrich6745 Mar 16 @ 11:06am 
It's there for me.
Big Goldberg Mar 16 @ 11:25am 
Where are you from ?
In Poland isn't available but ihave game from HB
Heinrich6745 Mar 16 @ 11:34am 
i'm in the US.
Big Goldberg Mar 16 @ 11:42am 
Ah so that's the diffrent. Maybe in my cauntry is not available. Sad.
kaori Mar 17 @ 2:16am 
Originally posted by Big Goldberg:
Ah so that's the diffrent. Maybe in my cauntry is not available. Sad.

Cant you buy from online retailers?
Gamefly digital, I think I saw it for $9.99 for both exp+ orginal.
Big Goldberg Mar 17 @ 4:25am 
I am only asking. I have one from HB. Does it have a DLC ?
Heinrich6745 Mar 17 @ 7:51am 
The humble bundle copy is Sacred 2 gold which means it includes the expansion Ice & blood, so yes.
Big Goldberg Mar 17 @ 10:50am 
ok thanks a lot :)
Geralt Mar 19 @ 7:35pm 
i am i US bought it a long time ago i cant remember but if this game uses games for windowslive but games for windows live discontinude and took games out of the steam store that might be why maybe
Big Goldberg Mar 19 @ 7:39pm 
Geralt Mar 19 @ 7:44pm 
nope its still there
Big Goldberg Mar 20 @ 2:11am 
ah ok. Thanks by the way :)
BambusTech Mar 20 @ 11:30am 
hello from Denmark (right above germany (for those that haven't noticed it =D)) for me it's on steam and been so for quite a while, finding it at retailers though is another story.

just thought I'd mention it.
take care.
Exigelius Mar 24 @ 5:37pm 
Sacred 2 is not available for my country (but I can buy the 1st part). That's a shame((
Big Goldberg Mar 25 @ 2:27am 
I can buy Sacred Gold too.
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