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BambusTech Mar 2, 2014 @ 7:57am
dual wield and weapon effects
sorry if this is the wrong place I'm posting, first time here. feel free to tell me where to actually post this, or simply just move it. thanks for your understanding.

I've had a decent look around both steam and google for an answer, and come up short, so here I am asking all you guys and girls for help on the matter.

I've just made a dual wielding seraphim and I wonder, do I need a weapon skill as well as dual wield to get access to secondary effects like bleed and such?
if I pick up tactics lore and dual wield, and use swords, I would like to have access to the "wound/bleed" effect, however I don't seem to be able to actually have any chance of causing bleed as it is right now. she's only level 10 atm with level 5 dual wield so I'm guessing my chance of causing bleed will be very low, but even after countless hits vs varius enemies, I see no bleed effect. my shadow warrior who uses sword and shield can easily cause bleed, even at the beginning of the game, so I wonder if I need both weapon specialicing and dual wield to fully excell at using the weapons for dual wielding.

do I really need to have both a specialiced weapon skill as well as dual wield to have the benefit of the weapon? like bleed for sword weapons?

if I need to actually first specialice in a weapon to fully master dual wield (like swords or hafted) is this limitation and the fact of using 2 skill slots on it, worth the benefits of the weapon effects? (since if I need both sword lore and dual wield to use it fully, it would no longer be adviseable to use a hafted weapon if first specialicing in sword weaponry)

also, if I need both skills, how should I allocate points to them?
would I just need the weapon specialication level 1 and then everything else in dual wielding?
or would I keep both the weapon specialication and dual wield at the same level?
or would I in fact, only spend 1 point in dual wielding and the rest in eg. sword lore

thanks for your time.
take care
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Grimminski Mar 2, 2014 @ 9:58am 
The Dual Wield Skill increases damage and accuracy when using 2 weapons. To cause bleed or any other status effect, you need a weapon skill (Swords, Hafted, Spear, etc).

It's generally not worth specializing very early in the game especially with a Seraphim since she'll just faceroll any boss or creature you encounter on the earlier difficulties.
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BambusTech Mar 2, 2014 @ 1:10pm 
hey Nwpt (sorry, I'm not sure how to decypher your name, sorry)... thank you. however eventually, how should I allocate points?
like mentioned in my first post, to get secondary effect, do I just need 1 point allocated in weapon skill? or should weapon skill be upgraded and eventually maxed out (75 points) to have best secondary effect chance (bleed)? or do I need "damage lore" to improve bleed chance? or are they two different effects (bleed and burn (and the other elemental effects))?

thank you for your time.
take care.

long ps.: on another note, when specializing, what weapon skill should I pick? for dual wielding, isn't it just swords and hafted weapons that have 1 handed weaponry? polearms/spear? ranged, are just two-handed right?
or should I let the first epic hafted or sword weapon choose for me? aka. if the first epic weapon I find, is a sword, I should pick sword weapon skill and use those from that point on?

pss: by "faceroll" you mean she is so overpowered that you don't really have to pay attention to what you're doing, in order to win? or am I to take it literally, so that what you're really saying is that she's so weak, you might as well just roll your face on your keyboard instead of paying attention to what you're actually trying to do, and you'd get the same result as if you had actually paid attention? (end result, you died, regardless of how much effort you put into the fight)

again, thank you for your help, and the quick reply.
take care.

note: everyone else are of course free to comment as well :)
Grimminski Mar 2, 2014 @ 1:33pm 
I'm pretty sure you only need 1 point in the sword skill to unlock those special effects; it might be more, it's been a while since I played.

Dual Wield can only be done with Sword (I think daggers count) and hafted weapons (axes, hammers).

The Seraphim is a good beginners class. You can't really mess her up. All of her skills are good and she can use almost anything.
BambusTech Mar 2, 2014 @ 3:35pm 
hey Seymour, thank you so much for that reply, you even beat me to a new question O_O.. I choose to believe it's a "coincidence", and nothing but that (aka. you're not a psycho I mean: psyCHIC (ESP))
which would be to insure that polearms are 2h only. and that reply simply answered that. so that's really awesome (a little scary too though, but still: awesome!)
and I just noticed that an issue I had is obsolete (there is no "hafted" weapon for Seraphim, only swords! (wait, what happened to Zuul?)) so that problem has been auto solved...

one search let to another and "" ran to my screen. damage lore seems to work on all secondary effects (including "wound") and looking up "wound"
((http://www.) gave me that result, and from what I can understand, also working up sword weapon will increase bleed effect (however 10% chance on bronze with 250 skill points allocated seems a bit.. useless (at least on it's own)).
I'm guessing you want both the weapon skill and damage lore to make full use of your weapons.

thank you guys soooo much for your inspiration and help! you guys are awesome! :D

also according to, looking up damage lore. at 200 allocated points you will have "56.5% chance" to trigger secondary effect (from damage lore alone). so 66.5% chance for secondary effect on bronze (76.5% chance on Niobium diffculty). now we're talking! :D

however, the odds of still playing bronze when having 250 points in weapon skill and 200 points in damage lore, might be.. just a bit.. you know.. unlikely!?!

I don't know about you guys, but I've learned a ton! thank you! cheers! peace! live long and perspire! I mean prosper!.

now let's see how much havoc I can unleash by letting go of the dogs of war! *releashes dogs*
argh shute! forgot to cry! is it too late? HOOOOWWWWWWWLLLLLLL!!!! wait, does that count as crying? no matter, I've caught up! chaarrrge! *charges towards the city*... *faint yelling* torch the city! burn it to cinders!...........
Volkira Mar 3, 2014 @ 10:35am 
Here's a good guide for a Dryad duel wield build.Have a look I'm sure it will give you some food for thought.
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BambusTech Mar 4, 2014 @ 5:54am 
thank you Volkira for that link. will have a look, and will consult it for advise. even more if I get to make one myself one day. has added to favs in browser. thank you

take care
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