Rechnomet Jan 22 @ 7:56am
finally got sacred 2 gold :D
i got sacred 2 back when it came out on ps3 and i loved it.. i spent weeks on it playing with a friend online ganking boss spawns and helping lvl each other up.. and im new to pc gaming and new to steam but as soon as i saw sacred 2 gold i new i needed it.. the keyboard and mouse work so much better than the controller plus it looks alot better too :D i have not tried the new class yet but i will soon.. the only dissapointing thing is that there are no more online servers as i enjoyed randomly helping out strangers and running through quests with them.. all in all its a great fame with a lot to offer people who arent put off by silly voicovers and overly colourfull graphics 10/10
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ryant7904 Jan 22 @ 8:55am 
I like the mouse and keyboard over the controller for this game, too. Now, color is the one thing I don't understand. I've seen all over "dull the colors down, they make my eyes bleed, looks like a Disney film, why can't it be more like Torchlight 2?" My eyes must be bonkers, because when I played the demo for Torchlight 2 , I thought "Oh, God, dull the colors down, looks like a Sat.morning cartoon, why can't it look more like sacred 2?".... Hmm, I don't THINK I changed or modded the color saturation. I'll have to look at the mods I use for this.
Rechnomet Jan 22 @ 12:53pm 
what i meant is in areas where it's supposed to be dark and gloomy its still colourful and happy :D
ryant7904 Jan 22 @ 3:30pm 
Oh, I understand :) I didn't mean just you, though boss. I have my answer, though, I forgot I tweaked some of the files in this game
deepcapture Jan 23 @ 7:05pm 
Welcome to steam and to the world of PC clickfest ARPG
Glad I'm not the only one who likes this game's style of graphics.
I get kinda tired of the same old gloomy graphical atmosphere, and the classical-guitar-mixed-with-electronic-groans you hear in most other games of this kind.
Sacred 2 may be old, but it still is one of the best, even if it needs some love from it's community to make it shine.
Jack Black and Double Fine said they were going to bring 80's metal album covers to life with Brutal Legend, but I think Ascaron did just that, long before those guys even thought of it.
Despite only having Blind Guardian to work with...
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