MaximB Jul 9 @ 11:30am
Sacred1 Gold vs Sacred2 Gold
I own both games so it's not about "which one should I buy" or "is it worth it" thread.

I've been playing Sacred1 for a long time and I love it still, even more than Sacred2.
The most annoying thing in Sacred1 however was the "time based buffs", you had to recast the buffs every minute - which is very annoying.
In Sacred2 they fixed it with auras.
However I don't like the 3D world and there seems to be too many useless skills in Sacred2.
The world and map of Sacred1 is fantastic and detailed.

While Sacred2 Gold is newer, I still think that Sacred1 Gold is better.
What do you think?
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AussieGamer47 Jul 9 @ 11:47pm 
I think sacred 1 has a very realistic feel to it and is so much fun leveling and doing and quests, and sacred 2 is just as good but more in the way of loot and exploring. The number 1 reason that i love sacred 1 is holding down "tab" and making the black fog go away and my map explored percetange go up xD It's so fun.
muckguppy Jul 11 @ 2:18pm 
i enjoyed the crazy loot bag of diablo gone wild feel of sacred 1. sacred 2 just makes the formula prettier and tries to polish the same formula. I enjoy both
jacquesmerron Jul 12 @ 9:32am 
After playing Sacred 1 a long time ago and enjoyed it greatly, can someone compare it to sequel? I'd love to repeat a good experience :)
Shalandir Jul 15 @ 2:52pm 
no reason not to love both - no clue which I sunk more hours into, but I hit at least Plat or Niob with a Seraphim both times. Loved them.
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