Fargol Aug 15 @ 7:57pm
Missing DLL on startup
When I run the game (I set it to Win XP compatibility), I get a popup error saying a file called PhysXLoader.dll is missing.

Anyone else have/had this issue?
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ldybreez Aug 26 @ 7:33pm 
I get a simular error pop up but it lists several things failed.
driver: [ogdimdim32.dll]
graphicscard: [Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000]
device [\\.\DISPLAY1]
cPhysics:;init - NxCreatePhysicsSDK failed!
SacredApp;:setupEngine () physics init failed!
SqcredApp;;setup () setupEngine failed!
App;;Setup () failed!
I have contacted Steam Tech Support
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grcgchilly Aug 27 @ 3:12pm 
i have the same problem. i am running windows 7 64 bit .dont know if it is working with that or not. will installing community patch fix this issue.
ƽɄƆʞĬӣ ŁȖȻӋ Sep 4 @ 1:20am 
PhysXLoader.dll seems to be something of Nvidia´s PhysX-Software.

Downloading a patch seems to be a valid option. But before you simply copy&paste a .dll-file try to install PhysX-Software from nvidia´s homepage.
ƽɄƆʞĬӣ ŁȖȻӋ Sep 4 @ 1:21am 
Even if you dont have a nvidia-GPU, PhysX is an feature you can install.
But for better perfomance disable/lower it in the games´ settings, because it will be executed on your processor which is quite demanding.
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