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Tomb Raider II Прохождение
by Mehamatica
Полное текстовое прохождение Tomb Raider II со всеми секретами. Добавлено для более удобного доступа во время игры через Steam Overlay. Взято с диска с...
Tomb Raider II: Golden Mask/Tomb Raider II Gold on Steam
by cloaknite
This guide will show you how to play the Tomb Raider II expansion on Steam...
by Ikx_1
Guide for Tomb Raider II launch This guide is for getting the game maxed. There's some small tricks what I have found so far, and I just wanted to show you them. Feel free to help me to get this guide bigger! Thanks!...
Patch FR + Gold Version
by TheKido
Ce patch traduit intégralement en Français les textes et les voix de la version Steam de Tomb Raider II. De plus, il ajoute le contenu de la version Gold de Tomb Raider II. Credits : Blue.Phoenix13[...
Tomb Raider 2 - Complete Walkthrough
by Roli
Walkthrough with all secrets and pickups, no medipack used....
Tomb Raider 2 - All Collectibles
by Plasma SKX
[EN / FR] All Levels Walkthrough / Guide complet des niveaux
by TheKido
How to upload a screenshots.
by M4K'u
I will show you how to create and upload a picture to the steam library....
Tomb Raider II : x360 Padd Support (and almost everything)
by AloKhine
This guide explain how to play easily Tomb Raider II with a Padd, because this old game have some trouble to recognize a lot of the actual padds....
Deutsche Übersetzung
by Sunset Shimmer
Offizielles deutsches Audio + Cutscenes, inoffizielle Text-Übersetzung...
Tomb Raider 2 Windowless Fullscreen, Widescreen Support, FMV cutscene fix and Higher Quality FMV
by retr0gamer
This is my method that uses one mod to run Tomb Raider 2 with the following fixes: 1: Removes the windows borders in fullscreen mode 2: Displays the game correctly in widescreen mods with apect ratio correction 3: Alternative method for fixing FMV's ...
Tomb Raider 2 LP/Walkthroughs German Commantery/Kommentiert
by shadowface_gaming
Tomb Raider 2 Walkthrough/Let's Play auf Deutsch Tomv Rauder 2 Walkthrough /Let's Play on German...
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