Mushy93 Feb 15, 2014 @ 8:15pm
Anyone know if its possable...
Is it possible to run the Duke Nukem 64 mod, Duke Nukem 3D Plus, and Duke Nukem HRP all at the same time?

I love the HRP graphics, the fundamental changes Plus adds and, the Little changes 64 makes (A lot of people complain about the censorship I think real guns, babe rescue, and level redesign make up for no swear words and no boobies) Is it possible to run them all at the same time?

Would I just run Eduke 32 and dump all the files into one auto loader folder carefully letting each mod overwright the file I want it to?

I think I could do it seeing as Duke Plus and HRP are allready compatable and Duke 64 doesn't need a .bat to run. Seems like the worst that could happen, (assumeing it runs) is I'd have some 64 textures and HRP textures mix and matched all around the maps.

I guess I'd ask here as I'm sure some one here has tryed to do it.
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Lunick Feb 15, 2014 @ 10:04pm 
I'm going to say that, Duke Plus and Duke 64 wouldn't work together. The HRP and Duke Plus should work together. Duke 64 and the HRP probably wouldn't work together, considering Duke64 has tiles that the HRP does not have.
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