Kossman 2013. szept. 5. @ de. 2:08
Can anyone recommend singleplayer usermaps?
Can anyone recommend good singleplayer maps\campaigns?
Similar to original campaign.
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Matt 2013. szept. 5. @ de. 2:44 
Take a look into eDuke, lots of cool mods for it like the DNF 2013 mod etc
Azatoth 2013. szept. 5. @ de. 3:14 
Last Reaction & Water Bases is mostly inspired by the original levels. Have a look at it: http://dukeworld.duke4.net/classic%20dukeworld/tc/lastreaction/
Quake is Love, Quake is Life. 2013. szept. 5. @ du. 12:27 
anyone have a guide on how to use megatons user map feature?
Kossman 2013. szept. 5. @ du. 8:21 
Thanks guys!
L4Dtrooper 2013. szept. 7. @ de. 10:31 
i whant the DNF 2013 mod
L4Dtrooper 2013. szept. 7. @ de. 11:13 
? i dit buy it on steam so i use steam duke not eduke32 i tink?
MrMuffinz 2013. szept. 7. @ du. 1:45 
L4Dtrooper eredeti hozzászólása:
? i dit buy it on steam so i use steam duke not eduke32 i tink? :deuce:
The steam version has no support for mods, only maps.

Use eDuke for mods.
Komenja 2013. szept. 7. @ du. 6:14 
Bobafett and Godzilla are good ones, you can find them on the Duke repository.
L4Dtrooper 2013. szept. 9. @ de. 8:18 
ow i was tinking that the steam version also hafe support for mods and thad the maps are the mod... so do SOMBODY HAFE SOME COOL PLAYER MAPS???
L4Dtrooper 2013. szept. 9. @ de. 11:30 
!? NO You dit not post a link ony you only say eduke32 dodn see link?
OW SORRY DIT YOU MEAN TIS LINK??? http://dukerepository.com/authors.php it are map's no mod's okay i dond need mods only maps for my duke playermaps thad's new in 1.0.4 duke!
bullerbuller7 eredeti hozzászólása:
I recommend that you get eduke32 and follow the instructions from there. There are some pinned guides here to help you.
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