Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

The One And Only 2013年8月16日上午2:11
Your Favourite Video Games Of All Time...
My Top 5:

1. Duke Nukem 3D (Greatest Video Game Ever Made IMO)
2. Command and Conquer Red Alert 2
3. MGS3 Snake Eater
4. Halo 2
5. COD Mw2

What are everyone elses?...
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Henne_GER 2013年8月16日上午3:52 
1. Doom
2. Duke Nukem 3D
3. Metal Gear Solid 3
4. Burnout Revenge
5. Half Life 2
Arcade Goon 2013年8月16日上午4:43 
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Ghouls N Ghosts
Sonic the Hedgehog
Mr.Set 2013年8月16日上午5:54 
1-Zelda Wind Waker
2-Super Metroid
3-Team Fortress 2
4-Luigi Mansion
5-Super Mario Bros 3
Nick 2013年8月16日上午7:21 
Star Wars Jedi Academy
Super Mario Land
Zelda Oracle Of Seasons
Batman Arkham Asylum
evitec |GER 2013年8月16日上午9:44 
Soldier of Fortune 1
Left 4 Dead 1
Mortal Kombat 2
Mortal Kombat : Shaolin Monks
Onkarian 2013年8月16日上午10:04 
1. Resident Evil Series
2. Tekken Series
3. Spyro The Dragon PS1 Trilogy
4. Crash Bandicoot PS1 Trilogy
5. Devil May Cry Series
Muleke_Trairao 2013年8月16日上午10:18 
1 - Half-Life Series
2 - Final Fantasy XII
3 - Quake Series
4 - Doom Series
5 - Serious Sam Series
Silos911 2013年8月16日上午10:30 
Not saying the best games ever, but my favourite are.
1. Duke Nukem 3D
2. Super Mario 64
3. Catherine
4. Jak and Daxter trilogy
5. Bioshock series
Xx_0sama_b33n_Qw1k_sk0p1n_xX 2013年8月16日上午11:00 
1. doom
2. Crash bandicoot series
3. team fortress
4. jak and daxter 3
5. shadowrun

this is not quite accurate as there are tons of games i love dear (though doom is a definite #1)
Xx_0sama_b33n_Qw1k_sk0p1n_xX 2013年8月16日上午11:09 
1. doom
2. Crash bandicoots
3. Half life 1 (especially opposing force)
4. oddworlds
5. jak and daxter series
evitec |GER 2013年8月16日下午12:02 
u dont edit ur posts by typing *edit
Xx_0sama_b33n_Qw1k_sk0p1n_xX 2013年8月16日下午12:48 
i know, i should have, but i decided to do it that way :P
DrQuagmire1 2013年8月16日下午3:30 
tough call, but i'll name my top 5:

1) "Super Metroid"
2) "Duke Nukem 3D"
3) "Doom" series
4) "Rage"
5) "AvP 2"

EDIT (as of 8/21/2013 3:50am EST): However, I will give honorable mentions to both "Duke Nukem Forever" and "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon", both games kick some serious ♥♥♥ that I enjoy playing.
最后由 DrQuagmire1 编辑于; 2013年8月21日上午12:49
>M@tEo$< 2013年8月17日上午5:54 
1) Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
2) Duke Nukem 3D
3) Left 4 Dead
4) Killing Floor
5) Fallout series

Had to make it quick or I would hardly make choices x) This for PC. If I think about consoles I can't have a top 5 but maybe a top 10 :P
最后由 >M@tEo$< 编辑于; 2013年8月17日下午3:12
jump 2013年8月17日上午11:39 
The Last of Us
Metal Gear Solid 2
Resident Evil 4
Symphony of the Night
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