Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

termit  [开发者] 2013年8月1日下午9:53
Multiplayer WIP
There are people who question the fact that we are working on multiplayer. To prove that we are working on it we made a short video.


What's done
  • Working network layer on top of Steamworks API
  • Lobby functionality using Steamworks API

What's left
  • Testing and tweaking network layer
  • UI for lobby configuration and lobby browser
  • In-game UI changes
  • UI for multiplayer settings
  • Multiplayer achievements
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Mr.Set 2013年8月1日下午9:57 
Good job Dev ;)

Multiplayer Achievement :O :D
Silos911 2013年8月1日下午10:12 
Thanks Termit, stay awesome. The work you guys are doing is really appreciated, despite the vocal minority.
最后由 Silos911 编辑于; 2013年8月1日下午10:13
thebumishere 2013年8月1日下午10:17 
great to see something, but if the phone rings dont answer it. :)
NUKEMDAVE 2013年8月1日下午10:23 
Can't wait!
MrRumbleRoses 2013年8月1日下午10:28 
groovy. hopefully i can host a game. and it'd be cool if we can do co-op as well
Lunick 2013年8月1日下午11:47 
Good job :)
BloodShed 2013年8月2日上午12:49 
Damn it's looking good
>M@tEo$< 2013年8月2日上午1:17 
Nice :) Some memories when I saw the Out of Sync thingy :D
CJ 2013年8月2日上午2:27 
Shouldn't this be sticky'd?
CJ 2013年8月2日上午2:29 
Also is lobby browser going to be like a server browser like CS:S server lists or more like mw2 I really would like to see a big list of servers. But I don't know if thats possible unless the game is changed to allow people to join a ongoing game.
>M@tEo$< 2013年8月2日上午3:01 
And that a client/server architecture is adopted (and coded) :)
最后由 >M@tEo$< 编辑于; 2013年8月2日上午3:12
Lunick 2013年8月2日上午3:09 
Pretty sure it will be Peer to Peer if the out of sync error in the video is any help.
最后由 Lunick 编辑于; 2013年8月2日上午3:09
>M@tEo$< 2013年8月2日上午3:13 
Ah yeah, I was seing it more like c/s, but the host would himself appear as a server in that case ^^'
Lunick 2013年8月2日上午3:15 
I also think some of the people in this thread are expecting a little more than what is capable of the Build engine regarding mulyiplayer.
Dukenewkirk 2013年8月2日上午3:19 
Since I saw MOBs in the video, is it safe to assume you guys are working in the Co-op as well. First video game my buddy and I ever played and after all these years, still among the coolest co-op player experiences ever.
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