Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

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termit  [kehittäjä] 1. elo, 2013 21.53
Multiplayer WIP
There are people who question the fact that we are working on multiplayer. To prove that we are working on it we made a short video.


What's done
  • Working network layer on top of Steamworks API
  • Lobby functionality using Steamworks API

What's left
  • Testing and tweaking network layer
  • UI for lobby configuration and lobby browser
  • In-game UI changes
  • UI for multiplayer settings
  • Multiplayer achievements
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|PLCO| Mr.Set 1. elo, 2013 21.57 
Good job Dev ;)

Multiplayer Achievement :O :D
Silos911 1. elo, 2013 22.12 
Thanks Termit, stay awesome. The work you guys are doing is really appreciated, despite the vocal minority.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Silos911; 1. elo, 2013 22.13
thebumishere 1. elo, 2013 22.17 
great to see something, but if the phone rings dont answer it. :)
NUKEMDAVE 1. elo, 2013 22.23 
Can't wait!
MrRumbleRoses 1. elo, 2013 22.28 
groovy. hopefully i can host a game. and it'd be cool if we can do co-op as well
Lunick 1. elo, 2013 23.47 
Good job :)
BloodShed 2. elo, 2013 0.49 
Damn it's looking good
>M@tEo$< 2. elo, 2013 1.17 
Nice :) Some memories when I saw the Out of Sync thingy :D
cj31387 2. elo, 2013 2.27 
Shouldn't this be sticky'd?
cj31387 2. elo, 2013 2.29 
Also is lobby browser going to be like a server browser like CS:S server lists or more like mw2 I really would like to see a big list of servers. But I don't know if thats possible unless the game is changed to allow people to join a ongoing game.
>M@tEo$< 2. elo, 2013 3.01 
And that a client/server architecture is adopted (and coded) :)
Viimeisin muokkaaja on >M@tEo$<; 2. elo, 2013 3.12
Lunick 2. elo, 2013 3.09 
Pretty sure it will be Peer to Peer if the out of sync error in the video is any help.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Lunick; 2. elo, 2013 3.09
>M@tEo$< 2. elo, 2013 3.13 
Ah yeah, I was seing it more like c/s, but the host would himself appear as a server in that case ^^'
Lunick 2. elo, 2013 3.15 
I also think some of the people in this thread are expecting a little more than what is capable of the Build engine regarding mulyiplayer.
Dukenewkirk 2. elo, 2013 3.19 
Since I saw MOBs in the video, is it safe to assume you guys are working in the Co-op as well. First video game my buddy and I ever played and after all these years, still among the coolest co-op player experiences ever.
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