Turkey Legs 27 2013年7月12日上午6:21
duke nukem 3d flash sale
Duke is on a flash sale atm, I really Love old school duke deathmatching! I'm sorry if this "upsets anyone" but I ONLY want duke for online deathmatch gaming so (since it's a flash sale) I am wondering, = Did they add online play yet? If not is it going to be a free patch or a purchasable patch (dlc) Thanks all.
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☣Patient Zero☣ 2013年7月12日上午6:30 
Coming this month, Free patch
Lunick 2013年7月12日上午6:30 
Multiplayer will be a free patch that is coming out this month.

最后由 Lunick 编辑于; 2013年7月12日上午6:30
Turkey Legs 27 2013年7月12日上午6:55 
Nice! i'm going to pick it up while its on sale then, thanks!
Turkey Legs 27 2013年7月12日上午6:58 
1 more quick ?? for ya, it does have mouse looking right? I know it prolly has auto aim but you can look around/aim with the mouse while moving in this version, correct? TY again
最后由 Turkey Legs 27 编辑于; 2013年7月12日上午6:59
maplestick 2013年7月12日上午7:02 
Yeah there is mouse look. I also don't think there is autoaim, at least not on the two higher difficulty settings.
Lunick 2013年7月12日上午7:02 
Auto aiming can be turned off.
Turkey Legs 27 2013年7月12日上午7:11 
Ty again!
Smoken Fishken™ 2013年7月12日上午8:27 
The funk is a free patch? All patches are free.
ho no i missed the flash sale :(
Turkey Legs 27 2013年7月19日上午11:20 
引用自 Smoken Fishken™
The funk is a free patch? All patches are free.
I didnt know if it was gonna be a patch or dlc, anyway I got it during the flash sale ( sorry .L'autre ) Havn't tried steam duke 3d yet. Been obsessed w/ Psobb , I'm sure it's gonna be great once they add multiplayer , I won't bother to play the 360 version again eek controllers and fps games ewww!
最后由 Turkey Legs 27 编辑于; 2013年7月19日上午11:22
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