Turkey Legs 27 2013年7月12日 6時21分
duke nukem 3d flash sale
Duke is on a flash sale atm, I really Love old school duke deathmatching! I'm sorry if this "upsets anyone" but I ONLY want duke for online deathmatch gaming so (since it's a flash sale) I am wondering, = Did they add online play yet? If not is it going to be a free patch or a purchasable patch (dlc) Thanks all.
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☣Patient Zero☣ 2013年7月12日 6時30分 
Coming this month, Free patch
Lunick 2013年7月12日 6時30分 
Multiplayer will be a free patch that is coming out this month.

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Turkey Legs 27 2013年7月12日 6時55分 
Nice! i'm going to pick it up while its on sale then, thanks!
Turkey Legs 27 2013年7月12日 6時58分 
1 more quick ?? for ya, it does have mouse looking right? I know it prolly has auto aim but you can look around/aim with the mouse while moving in this version, correct? TY again
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Random delivery Different horse 2013年7月12日 7時02分 
Yeah there is mouse look. I also don't think there is autoaim, at least not on the two higher difficulty settings.
Lunick 2013年7月12日 7時02分 
Auto aiming can be turned off.
Turkey Legs 27 2013年7月12日 7時11分 
Ty again!
Smoken Fishken™ 2013年7月12日 8時27分 
The funk is a free patch? All patches are free.
bidule 2013年7月13日 17時35分 
ho no i missed the flash sale :(
Turkey Legs 27 2013年7月19日 11時20分 
Smoken Fishken™ の投稿を引用:
The funk is a free patch? All patches are free.
I didnt know if it was gonna be a patch or dlc, anyway I got it during the flash sale ( sorry .L'autre ) Havn't tried steam duke 3d yet. Been obsessed w/ Psobb , I'm sure it's gonna be great once they add multiplayer , I won't bother to play the 360 version again eek controllers and fps games ewww!
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