][ONLY³][™ activa 2013年6月26日 11時16分
Well done!
I'm actually playing this, and it's really awesome!
I can't wait for multiplayer, more updates, co-op, and other.

I hope this game will be updated and the devs listen to us forever.
But one question... now that you've done this we really hope to see Blood, Redneck Rampage, and Shadow Warrior same style of remake... so with espansions, achievement, cloud, controller support, ecc.

Anyway thanks for this awesome game.
We love you guys <3
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Mr.Set 2013年6月26日 11時28分 
Shadow Warrior is on Steam,on a DOSBOX release,for free.
Blood,yes Redneck Rampage,No seriously :|
Minotaurovic 2013年6月26日 12時19分 
Shadow Warrior Redux should come out on Steam soon. Blood would be awesome though.
最近の変更はMinotaurovicが行いました; 2013年6月26日 12時19分
Mr.Set 2013年6月26日 13時28分 
Ho yeah,Blood :)
][ONLY³][™ activa 2013年6月26日 13時37分 
Oh yeah! Good news :)

I think that if Shadow Warrior will come out they'll also make Blood and Redneck Rampage...
You know... Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior... both of them are old fps classic of 3d Realsm.

I think that the actual objective of them is to let the nowadays teens (like me, I admit, although I'm not proud to be) like me discover the old good games, and they can't think to not release Blood and Redneck Rampage in my opinion..

Thanks for the news anyway, FlamingMinotaur, I'll sure buy it! ;)
Lunick 2013年6月26日 18時00分 

The source codes to Blood and Redneck Rampage have not been released so for something like Megaton to happen to those two games is going to be impossible without that unless some sort of deal is strung up with the rights holders which is not 3D Realms btw.

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux is coming very very soon and if you want a sneak peak at what it has to offer, look at my post here http://forums.duke4.net/topic/6118-duke-nukem-3d-atomic-edition-and-shadow-warrior-complete-listed-in-steam-database/page__view__findpost__p__162959
][ONLY³][™ activa 2013年6月27日 5時27分 

Neither in the future for Blood and Redneck Rampage, so?
Oskulock 2013年6月27日 5時44分 
ONLY³™ activa の投稿を引用:

Neither in the future for Blood and Redneck Rampage, so?

What he just said, no they arent becouse they dont own rights for the sourcecode.
][ONLY³][™ activa 2013年6月27日 5時48分 
Maybe they find a deal, as he said.

'cause anyway they're awesome old games and a lot of old games nowadays have sequels, remakes, ecc.
Skulldog 2013年7月2日 13時01分 
最近の変更はSkulldogが行いました; 2013年7月2日 13時06分
][ONLY³][™ activa 2013年7月2日 13時07分 
Minotaurovic 2013年7月2日 13時23分 
I really hope that they do. Blood is amazing.
][ONLY³][™ activa 2013年7月2日 13時27分 

I also know that Monolith thinked to make a FREE remake of Blood.. and then Atari deleted all the project. :|
Minotaurovic 2013年7月2日 13時28分 
That's sad. Atari sometimes makes bad decisions.
][ONLY³][™ activa 2013年7月2日 13時30分 
Eh yea :(

But that link promise GOOOOOD things! :)
Minotaurovic 2013年7月2日 13時32分 
Indeed. Hopefully somebody will buy it. Having Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem 3D and Blood on Steam would be a great feature.
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