StingingVelvet 2013年5月18日 1時15分
Help turning off stats overlay.
Hey, great release, loving it.

All the time I play though I have on the right side of the screen a stats overlay. It shows how many secrets, the fps, things like that. Not sure if I turned it on by accident or if it is normally there but any way to turn it off? I find it really distracting.

I might have turned it on when I hit F5 to quicksave, I don't remember noticing it before that. I did rebind quicksave to F5.

Thanks for any help.
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Lunick 2013年5月18日 1時33分 
Options - Game Options - Level Stats

StingingVelvet 2013年5月18日 1時34分 
Ah, thank you sir. I thought that meant the post-level status screen.

Much appreciated :)
Lunick 2013年5月18日 2時28分 
No problem, I would like it if it was slightly shifted to the right more :)
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