Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

Caelistas 2013年5月13日下午1:39
Anyone wants a -50% Duke Nukem 3D coupon? (FREE)
I already bought Serious Sam 3 and Duke Nukem 3D at FULL price when they came out, so i don't have any need of this -50% offcoupon, and my friends on steam don't really need/want it.

If anyone is interested let me know.


When the hell is MP coming out for duke nukem 3d megaton edition?

NOTE: ONLY for people who don't have the game yet.



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Dr_Proton 2013年5月13日下午1:43 
I'd take it :)
Caelistas 2013年5月13日下午1:46 
I don't think so "brah", you already have the game.

Edited my post "only for people who don't have the game already".
duke nukem 3d megaton edition multiplayer will come around July as they said
:hh: Salocin 2013年5月13日下午5:47 
Sure man, if you still have it of course. Would really appreciate it!
NotGayBut$20is$20 2013年5月14日下午9:12 
Waiting for legitimate multiplayer.No plans to buy until then.
That includes coop.
最后由 NotGayBut$20is$20 编辑于; 2013年5月14日下午9:13
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