xGrimReaper420x 4 mei 2013 om 7:06nm
Does this come with the level designer?
If so, will it work on OS X as well?
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Lunick 4 mei 2013 om 11:42nm 
I'm unsure what is included in the Mac version but on the Windows version, if you check the Classic directory you will find Build.exe which is for making maps. You could probably run that in DOSBOX for the Mac version too.
Skyware 5 mei 2013 om 12:07vm 
Use mapster 32 which comes with Eduke32 which is a source port for duke nukem 3d and mapster32 is basically just a source port of Build.exe. It has modern pc support so dosbox isn't necessary to make it work. I'm sure by arranging files in a certain ways you can probably use the megaton edition files to work with it.
xGrimReaper420x 9 mei 2013 om 10:37nm 
Thanks for the replies. I wiped os x and put windows 7 back on my PC. Gaming just isn't the same.
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