Henne ~Shining~ 2013年4月21日上午11:47
Duke Nukem 3D HQ Sound Pack (WIP)
I'll try to replace every sound in Duke Nukem 3D (+Expansions) with soundfiles from other Duke Nukem games and stocksounds.
最后由 Henne ~Shining~ 编辑于; 2013年4月21日上午11:56
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Henne ~Shining~ 2013年4月21日上午11:50 
Yeah so, I'm still going to school, but I think i can handle it, most of the Duke sounds are replaced, so i think this will be released soon. After that the rest of the enemies follows and then general sounds. Since i can't post the whole grp, i will upload a grp packer, so you can implement the sounds all by yourself. Links and download will follow. :D
bidule 2013年4月21日下午12:04 
... what different from HRP music pack's ?
Henne ~Shining~ 2013年4月21日下午12:36 
It's not the music, that gets replaced, it's the sounds. Including duke speech, weapon sounds, enemies, ambience, the whole experience :D
Muleke_Trairao 2013年4月21日下午4:08 
sounds good enough, will have a look at it when it's done, keep up the work :)
AN DARKELVEN SORCERESS!!1 2013年4月21日下午5:20 
Good luck hunting down the original sample used for the explosion. Bobby Prince often used the Sound Ideas libraries (and it shows the most in sound effects of Doom and Abuse to the point people think a lot of sounds originated in Doom)

Also Lameduke has a slightly higher quality switch noise. You might also find some higher quality sounds in Duke Nukem Total Meltdown albeit being 11025Hz 4-bit instead
最后由 AN DARKELVEN SORCERESS!!1 编辑于; 2013年4月21日下午5:21
Henne ~Shining~ 2013年4月22日上午7:42 
Thanks guys for the positive comments, i'm using duke nukem forever and duke nukem manhattan project, sounds are from stock, Voice Pack will be uploaded tomorrow :)
AN DARKELVEN SORCERESS!!1 2013年4月22日下午1:07 
I woudln't call completely different sounds from newer Duke games as "high quality"....
Henne ~Shining~ 2013年4月22日下午2:02 
xD Maybe you misunderstood something, of course i will only take the Duke Speech from DNF and Duke Nuke Manhattan Project, the other sounds such as explosions and button sounds and even the muzak will be high quality :)
Jenner 2013年4月23日上午5:45 
I think you need to replace also the BONUS and bar music sounds. I have some from Mark "TDK" Knight works. PM me if you want some.
Henne ~Shining~ 2013年4月23日上午11:27 
Sorry, but pack will "maybe" delayed, but i'll make a give away for a 50 % coupon for Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition, so stay tuned :D
Henne ~Shining~ 2013年4月23日下午12:56 
Semi - Bad News : I need a written permission to use the files from Gearbox but, Jon Saint John offered me help, if i can get the permission he will make me a good price for all the sounds that he will re-record (even from the expansions). So maybe you are willing to pay a small amount of money if i have further details :3
Tr3b0r_UK 2013年4月23日下午1:00 
Jon St John is awesome like that. He will re-do all the speech files :D
Henne ~Shining~ 2013年4月23日下午1:08 
Hell Yeah :D
AN DARKELVEN SORCERESS!!1 2013年4月23日下午3:32 
But will he redo them in the most faithful way possible, rather than the strange post-console Duke takes?
Muleke_Trairao 2013年4月23日下午6:51 
wait, are you serious?You talked with Jon St. John to re-do all the speech files and he just accepted(for money, of course)?
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