StarxStone May 8 @ 12:16pm
How to use the level maker
... ok so hate me for this question but i have freakin no clue how to use the level editor i looked online for the tutorial for the old one but obviously that doesnt work. I cant find anywhere that explains how to use it... Im not doubting theres one out there Im just saying I cant find it. Thhhhhhaaaaaannnnxxxxxx also come get some
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StarxStone May 8 @ 4:39pm 
ok I think I know the problem. For some reason when I do the num enter or Fn enter it wont work so im stuck because I dont have a key on my laptop... lol
bullerbuller7 May 9 @ 9:29am 
Use mapster32 that comes with eduke32. With those programs is a file called mapster32.cfg.
Read all that and find the guide how to remap keys. I changed the 2d/3d key to "zero", and the xyrepeat buttons to "f9-f12".
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StarxStone May 9 @ 12:23pm 
yes but mapster uses the same keys and if my num enter nor fn enter are working to make 3d mode then i cant make any maps
bullerbuller7 May 10 @ 1:46am 
That's why you should read that little guide how to change keys, so that you don't need num keys. I don't see a way to change keys in the build program that comes with megaton, that's why i suggest mapster32 to you.
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