Quorthon40 Apr 23 @ 6:40am
[public beta]
In my library there's written [public beta] next to "Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition". Can I remove it? :)
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OmegaPhlare Apr 23 @ 9:35am 
I had the same problem myself. I tried removing it and reinstalling it and every time it would still have that tag.

It isnt until I uninstalled the game for a month or two, then reinstalled it again that the [public beta] tag finally came off. What must have happened during that time is a new official patch came out. This bug is legit.
Quorthon40 Apr 25 @ 5:54am 
So we can't do anything? Maybe a new patch? It's not a huge mistake but.. :)
Iskariot Apr 25 @ 8:02am 
NY00123 Apr 26 @ 10:42am 
I've installed a new OS revision recently, followed by a reinstallation of the Steam client, along with the game. This has seemed to resolve the issue for now.

To do the same thing without reinstalling the OS, but just the Steam client and DN3D, some more files probably have to be removed. If it's not just DN3D itself, it may be some kind of caching here and there.
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AN UPSET Apr 26 @ 10:47am 
Like....... the acf file?
Quorthon40 Apr 27 @ 3:03am 
Yeah, I've cancelled only the .acf file in the "SteamApps" folder, then I've reinstalled the game and it works :D
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