Scaff Apr 12 @ 7:08am
Red Light District [level 2] exit?
Is it possible to hit the self destruct button without getting captured?
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Lunick Apr 12 @ 7:24am 
You can get over to the button but I'm pretty sure you can't press it.

It also doesn't matter how you end that particular level because when you start Death Row, you will still have your weapons taken from you unless you are playing co-op and are not player 1.
Racuch Zawodowiec Apr 12 @ 8:07am 
You can get to it by using cheat dnclip but I don't think you can press it xd
>M@tEo$< Apr 12 @ 9:39am 
If you strafe-jump you can get to the other side, but the wall rotates, it's probably just a sprite.
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Agent Arminass Apr 12 @ 12:50pm 
I've seen the button hit before in a speed run, since doing so is faster than letting duke get captured. I believe the run was by a guy named fernito. Search Duke Nukem 3D speed runs and he'll pop up. Anyway, you will still get captured, and you lose your weapons.
[RC]***Sgt.D_Nukem*** Apr 13 @ 6:04am 
actually, there's another way.......

If you guys used the DNCLIP cheat outside the building that takes the yellow keycard, you can use that to open the window, which closes the cell you'd normally get captured in, and opens a 2nd self-destruct button at the same time right next to the cell.
Silos911 Apr 14 @ 11:09pm 
Yeah, you can hit the button, you can jump over where the fence raises (if you do it well enough, the walls won't rise at all) and you have to hit the nuke at a certain point. It's pretty lenient to exactly where to hit it, but it's not like the other nukes in the game where any part of it is useable.
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