tortoi Mar 9 @ 9:53am
Playing addons on dosbox?
Hi, is it possible to playing duket it out and other addons on dosbox?
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BioShock - ITK ❄ Mar 9 @ 1:00pm 
No its not possible :

Just duke nukem 3d atomic edition.
NY00123 Mar 9 @ 1:57pm 
I'd say it's technically possible, if you don't have a problem fiddling with files, command line arguments and co.
The basic idea:
- For "Duke It Out In DC" you want dukedc.grp (from gameroot/addons/dc). Oh, and also temporarily move out existing CON files (GAME.CON, DEFS.CON, USER.CON) from a copy of duke3d run in dosbox (so they don't conflict with DC's).
- "Duke Nuclear Winter": nwinter.grp, nwinter.con, nwdefs.con, nwactor.con. No need to temporarily move the existing CONs these time.
- "Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach": vacation.grp. CON files should be moved.

There are also some .MAP files which you can find along with the GRPs, although for an experience more similar to what you'd get on a real DOS machine with older copies of the add-ons, these should not be used. (Some of them may be mandatory for certain multiplayer games, although not fully tested by me.)
Skulldog Mar 9 @ 4:00pm 
This comes with addons and maps. The first time you run it will copy the duke
dosbox version files over to the folder you unzip it to.
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