Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

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KUBA18i 2014년 6월 1일 오전 3시 14분
Worst Duke Nukem 3D usermap?
I'm curious about what it would be. You may also speak about the worst Duke 3D mod or TC. What would you qualify as worthy of that title?:boot:
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Lunick 2014년 6월 1일 오전 3시 20분 
Maps that you can find on shovelware cds.
conqueror060 2014년 6월 1일 오전 5시 59분 
Hahaha epic topic, can't wait to see dukers' opinion about this!!!

I have player hundreds of really crap user maps so far, very difficult to choose the worst one! :)

As Lunick said, the expansion cds except some really cool and high polished maps, include loads of trash! But, believe it or not, I have found much worse usermaps on the internet.

conqueror060님이 마지막으로 수정; 2014년 6월 1일 오전 5시 59분
KUBA18i 2014년 6월 1일 오전 8시 50분 
Could there be one map that's at least as bad as some of the infamous Doom WADs(such as wow.wad and UAC Military Nightmare)?
scavenge 2014년 6월 3일 오전 9시 31분 
Probably one of the 3 I added to the workshop. Lol idk, maybe not.

I certainly had much more terrible maps in that 15 year old duke map folder of mine. Some that I just made to try a lift or door in and stuff. Some that don't even work right. Those things I didn't even upload.
Micky C 2014년 6월 6일 오전 12시 57분 
AN UPSET님이 먼저 게시:
On this workshop?


Well that map actually has shading so no dice. Plus you didn't use tile 0 anywhere.

Stargate quote: "Trying to find the worst Duke map is like looking for a needle in a haystack. A haystack of infinite size."
KUBA18i 2014년 6월 6일 오후 2시 53분 
Searching for a silver needle in a iron needlestack, that probably is true. But, can the Build engine allow for Duke spawning/moving in a space smaller than him, like in 1x1Box.wad for Doom? Once that level is recreated in Duke 3D, we would have the worst one easy to find. Thrown together, while not very detailed, it was playable and fragging was easier for some reason.:boot:
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