JPski3332002 Jan 1 @ 11:24pm
How do you get passed the bully guy in the village? I am locked in a yard, and he has a metal bar blocking the gate.
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conkytonkin Jan 2 @ 1:50am 
you have to go around the gate to the right and climb some boulders I think
JPski3332002 Jan 5 @ 10:30am 
ssgtgrandpa12 Jan 5 @ 8:55pm 
send the little kid thru the fence and open the dog cage
Pais Charos Jan 14 @ 8:33am 
My game seems to have glitched. I can have the little brother stand in front of that fence and hit his control button till the cows come home....and he just stands there <_<
Pais Charos Jan 14 @ 8:37am 
Finally got the game to read my controller and I'm finally past this part. Must've been the keyboard controls that glitched.
JPski3332002 Apr 6 @ 4:22pm 
Thank you. I have figured out most of it. Now I am stuck with the drawbridge after the giant and the cave. I have little brother through, but he turns the thing endlessly, and the drawbridge in the ominous dungeon out of the cave won't lift. Any suggestins? I used my keyboard, but maybe this is the only time you HAVE to use a controller. JP
mendel Apr 7 @ 6:03pm 
Originally posted by JPski3332002:
Now I am stuck with the drawbridge after the giant and the cave.
Is that in chapter 1 or in chapter 2? I can't really tell from your description where you are stuck.
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