Inquisit0rGeneralis May 9 @ 4:29am
> That just happened
So.. I bought the thing a while ago when everyone went ape♥♥♥♥ about this game and called it GOTY. Started it, wasnt impressed and just left it in my libary for some time... Now I've finished the rest in one setting and really have to ask... how ? Like, how are people genuinely impressed with this game ? The only good thing the game has going for it is the artdirection - and the game seems to know that since It cant stop shoving the landscape into my face. The controlls are sticky, two brothers are barely characterised and unlikeable, the puzzles are ripped straight out of a god of war game (and they are just as tedious here) - In short : I just dont get it. Why does Dear Esther get so much ♥♥♥♥, while this game receives praise for basically being the same thing with awful puzzles
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deadcantdance May 9 @ 5:41am 
I like this game very much. It's just the beauty of it, the characters, the sadness. The puzzles are easy, but there is a lot more to explore if you interact with NPC or the environment.
Padre May 24 @ 10:09am 
Maybe it's what a person decides to take out of the experience. I try not to compare other games to a game (not saying I never do...sometimes it's hard not to) I try to enjoy the experience for what I think the developers are trying to create. Some are going to really like the experience and lose themselves in the project as a whole, others won't.
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El myth 23 k.s.c. May 27 @ 9:36pm 
agrre with OP this game is about as deep as the swallow end of the pool. This and GONE HOME are in the same boat... people want to feel like they are getting something magical out of this horrible game. I'm an indie game guy and love different or engaging storys, but this game has none. It looks good, somebody dies and your suppose to have gotten a connection to them. End of story. Dont expect any gameplay out of this unless you think running to some rock and hitting the A button to climb is fun.
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