Wooliestworm 2014年2月21日 10時21分
Can't progress
At the section where the brothers are tied together there's one bit where you have to swing to a hand hold higher than the other brother but it doesn't seem possible, watched walkthroughs where it seems easy but I just can't get them to swing higher than each other, is there a trick to it or something?
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deadcantdance 2014年2月21日 10時54分 
No trick, just applied physics =) swing left, at the highest point right, left again....
Wooliestworm 2014年2月21日 11時10分 
Yeah, that's what I'm doing. The brother that's swinging just doesn't seem to go higher than the other one
Slash_Baca 2014年2月22日 0時48分 
I am having the exact same problem and i have been doing it for a couple hours now.
Slash_Baca 2014年2月22日 0時59分 
ok so i figured it out. just use the keyboard for this one section and it worked on my first try. Good luck.
Wooliestworm 2014年2月22日 2時31分 
Ah, that worked. Thanks a lot.
Slash_Baca 2014年2月22日 2時35分 
No problem. Hopefully you didn't get as angry as I was. I was about to burn my whole house to the ground because of this game. Anyways safe journeys.
Herr von und zu demhier 2014年4月27日 8時26分 
Use the keyboard for this one section? What is this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥? I don't accept this in a game that "requires a gamepad to play", since I accomplished it back when it just got to Steam. Did they fix til it's broken?
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