Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

R. Kipker 2014年2月16日下午4:09
English... audio in English????
I D/L this on PS3 and the audio was in foreign language, my guess was make belief.

Can someone confirm if this version offer full English Audio?

Tks... RK
最后由 R. Kipker 编辑于; 2014年2月16日下午4:14
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VenomBlade 2014年2月16日下午10:34 
Same audio as ps3 version
deadcantdance 2014年2月16日下午11:41 
The audio... they speak a "SIM-Style" language. This is no real language. :)
SecretlyRich 2014年2月22日上午8:10 
omg this is the funniest things i ever read on forums
Pisolo 2014年2月23日下午7:45 
ahahhahahah "the audio was in foreign language"... :-DDD
MerlinsMaster 2014年2月23日下午7:51 
I have tried all the language options. Even though I can speak 7, I cannot understand any of these!! LOL
Marlowe 2014年2月24日上午9:01 
kziel1 2014年2月25日下午2:51 
trolling is a art...
They speak in tongues.
Lankester Merrin 2014年3月7日上午10:53 
It is Engllish you just need to turn the sound up a bit more and really listen
Ang3lus 2014年3月10日上午4:41 
lol wtf
djalma 2014年3月18日上午7:19 
引用自 Lankester Merrin
It is Engllish you just need to turn the sound up a bit more and really listen
Passajero 2014年3月21日上午1:24 
Well, it's not in english, the characters are talking in gibberish Arabic, the maker of this game was from Egypt himself.
dragonrubi 2014年3月25日上午1:45 
This reminds me few time ago someone buying the Sims for the first time, and gone ranting to EA forums that his game was in French.

Seriously no joking or trolling.
dragonrubi 2014年3月27日下午1:45 
Seriously I had seen some of the few haters of this game complaining about the babbling wanting “real dialogues”

I disagree the game is perfect as it is. There is a saying “an image more worthy than 1000 words”

It is clear what is happening, the game does an excellent job with the expressions gestures and body language giving you a very clear idea what is going on…

Why the heck some insist or need a boring pointless dialogue? “oh your father is sick and needs this X medicine”
Keminus 2014年3月28日下午7:33 
Agree with dragonrubi, you can tell what is happening by just looking at the characters. Also adds to the charm I think.
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