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The Story So Far
At first I thought that I had put the settings on the wrong language but now I know that it's just a made up language and you're supposed to get the story from the action in the scenes.

I think so far what I've gotten is that the younger brother lost the love his life in a tragic speed boating accident. The event traumatized him so that he see's dead people now like the kid in the 6th sense. When he's at her grave she confronts him about his infedility to her when she was alive and forgives him for his indescretion. His uncle then stumbled home with the worst hangover the village elder has ever seen. He knew that the only way to remedy the hangover was with a greasy pork sandwhich served up in a dirty ash tray from the nearest hole in the wall tavern (that doubles as a brothel), which seems to be quite a ways away. If they can't get the sandwhich the uncle stays hungover for the rest of his life I'm guessing.

That's as far as I got so far and I think the story is really more gritty and satirical than I expected. The only time I get messed up is when the left thumb stick brother and right thumb stick brother switch places on the screen and end up on the wrong side. Then my thumbs go full ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and I can't control them = /
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