carbontitan Aug 13 @ 8:38pm
how playable is the game without a gamepad?
I saw on the store page for the game that a gamepad is need for the game. Is that true, or can the game be played just fine without the use of a gamepad. If so then how?
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MrPhilAnthrop Aug 14 @ 1:25am 
for the movements of the two brothers you use WASD and the arrow keys!
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ReBoot Aug 14 @ 12:24pm 
I'd say, while the game can be played with just a keyboard, it's a PITA.
Ronin-Sensei Aug 16 @ 7:49am 
Originally posted by ReBoot:
I'd say, while the game can be played with just a keyboard, it's a PITA.

Yes, playing with the keyboard makes it very difficult unless of course you're Goro and have 4 hand
shivars Aug 30 @ 4:14pm 
i just played it through on keyb+mouse...wasn't tooo bad I thought. sometimes helps to keep the brothers the right way round on screen though (guy on the left being the one with the left-hand-side-of-the-keyb-controls)

Edit: I have a gamepad (Logitech F710). It wasn't painful on the keyboard to warrant me bothering to plug the gamepad in, put it that way...
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Obsidanse Sep 12 @ 10:04am 
I get the feeling the finale (no spoilers!!!) would be spoiled a little using KB and Mouse... Did it still feel cool?
shivars Sep 12 @ 12:10pm 
Yes, still cool. Although i nevef played with gamepad so nothing to conpare to
Softy 3 hours ago 
I found it playable with just the keyboard. That said there's a pretty annoying bug you'll run into: at two points in the game (I think it's just two) you'll find a double-handled crank that you need to turn with both brothers. You're supposed to grab it with both of them then rotate the sticks to make it go faster.

With a keyboard, there seems to be no way to imitate this (believe me, I have tried mashing the keys, no visible change) so you're stuck cranking at an incredibly slow pace without being able to remove your hands from the keyboard.
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